Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Lease extension letter format

Lease means a contract by which one party conveys land, property, services, etc to another party for a specified time usually in return for a periodic payment. In this lease, a specific period is mentioned and the tenant should return that property to the landlord when the specific time is over. Sometime, the lease may be extended by the wish of landlord or tenant.

The landlord or tenant, whoever, to extend the lease might write a letter and tell the terms and conditions regarding the rent and extension time. If the landlord wants to extend the lease, he will give the extended time period, the rise or same rent and may give some extra conditions such as not allowance of pets, etc.

If the tenant wish to extend the lease period, he will then write the letter to the landlord by polite and good way. He will request the landlord to extend the lease so that only the landlord will accept the extension. Otherwise, the extension letter will be rejected by the landlord if he is not interested to continue the agreement.

The extension letter must be written atleast 30 days before the expiry date of lease. But writing the lease extension letter before 60 days is very much better, why because the changes sometimes were made in the letter based on the wishes of both tenant and landlord. Learn below the sample letter format for the same.

Sample lease letter format to tenant from landlord

Name of the landlord
Address of the landlord
City, State with Zipcode


Name of the tenant
Address of the tenant
City, State with Zipcode

Sub: Extension letter of notification for lease property

Dear tenant, _________ (Write the name of the tenant here),
Your lease agreement for the house property (Reference No: __________) will expire in 3 months. I wish to offer now a chance to you to extend the time period for further 2 years. In this extension time, you have to pay extra $10 per month. It is a good chance to you to avail this opportunity. If you are not comfortable with new rent, you can contact me via phone number __________ or though email ____________. We can discuss and come to a concluded rent. I believe that you will accept this extension agreement with new rent. Awaiting for your acceptance or whatever else.

Yours truly,
Signature of the landlord
Printed Name of the Landlord.

Note to visitors: Hope this lease extension letter format will be useful for you! If you have any query, please let us know through the comment box provided below.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

How to write invitation letter

Want to know how to write an attractive invitation letter professionally? You will learn here all concepts about the invitation letter. This article covers what is invitation letter, why it is needed, what should be considered while writing the invitation letter, what you should do and don'ts and sample letter writings, etc.

What is invitation letter?

Invitation letter is the letter through which people are invited to a particular event or function. It is usually written for celebratory purposes. If you are the one who want to make your functions a grant, you should invite more people to participate. 

Why invitation letter is important?

In this busy world, you will find less time to distribute your invitation in person. People you are planning to invite may have spread over different regions / locations so that they are unreachable easily. Here the invitation letter plays major role. You should write meaningful, easy to understand invitation letter and send it through postal or any other form e-format. 

Type of Invitation Letter?

There are basically 2 types of invitation letter. They are:
1. Business Invitation
2. Friendly Invitation

Tips for drafting invitation letters

In both letter format, you should use present tense and future tense to make the letter complete. You should use impressive words in your writings. Why you need to use these 2 tenses. Let me clear here. By using the present tense, you are giving the prefect invite ti the person (invitee) who receives invitation. The use future tense will make the invitee to attend the event. In the business type of letter, you should make sure to use formal tone because you are generally writing this letter to your business associates or clients. For friendly type of invitation, you may use informal tone as you are going to write it for your close friends and relatives. 

The Do's and Don'ts in your invitation letter? 

You can compose a right invitation letter after confirming the occasion for which you are planning to write a letter.

The Purpose of Invitation:
You can include some details related to your occasion
It can be a marriage / wedding invitation or party invitation or birthday invitation or college event or any other event

Honouree Name should be included in your invitation
Don't forget to write the full name of a honoree
It can be the name of the groom, bride, birthday person

Include the day of event, date and event time
It can be any week day or weekend
Don’t forget to view your calendar so that you can mention right day and date
Don't forget to enter right event timings and do not forget to mention am or pm

Include name of the place
You should mention your home address if the function is to be held in your home or otherwise, please mention the respective address like address of restaurant or party hall or meeting hall or any other place
Zip code is not needed in an invitation letter

Include Dress Code Details
If you specifically need any dress code for your function, you may indicate in the invitation letter.
Don't forget to include the colour combination for your dress code.
Proof reading is a must
Proof reading is essential to correct the wrong words or any kind of typo error in your invitation. The small difference in word can make big different meanings. So be careful in wording and make your writings clear after reading it yourself or others to read it 2 to 3 times.

Okay! That is enough we think! Want a sample invitation letter format? We will draft it in our next article and so you are requested to keep us visiting! Thank you!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

How to register for Internet Banking in PNB

Internet Banking is one of the most important facilities offered by all banks in India. If you have not activated it so far, you are lacking something in this fast world. In this post, we will explain about how to go for internet banking in PNB, Punjab National Bank. Read on!

In PNB, you can avail the internet banking just registering online. You don't need to go to bank in person and wasting your valuable time. The internet banking facility is available for those who have self operated saving account or current account. That means joint account holders can't avail this facility online. However, they can visit their banking branch and avail the internet banking. This is because, to avoid the facility misused without the knowledge / agreement of joint account holders.

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For PNB Internet Banking registration, please keep the following particulars in hand while applying online.
1) Account Number (for which Internet banking is to be registered)
2) ATM Card / Debit Card No. and ATM PIN (Linked with the account number for which Internet banking is being registered)
3) Your Registered Mobile (Registered with the bank) for receiving One Time Password (OTP) and other important passwords.

After registration, you can activate your internet banking in PNB instantly. However, the facility is fully available withing 24 to 48 hours in some cases. You can contact the customer care for any more info regarding the status of your internet banking.

The Step by Step Procedure for Registering PNB Internet Banking Online

1. Go to PNB internet banking official website. Click Here to go
2. Click on New User button there. Now you will see three options, in the registration type.
Option 1 -> Register for Internet Banking
Option 2 -> Register for Mobile Banking
Option 3 -> Register for both Internet & Mobile Banking.
So it is better to go for the option 3 as there is no need to again register for mobile banking.
3. Give your account number in the first box and select the registration type and then hit Verify button
4. You will receive OTP to your mobile number you have linked with your account. Enter the OTP and hit on Continue button
5. Now you will be asked to enter your Debit Card Number and ATM PIN. Supply these details in the appropriate boxes and hit on Continue button.
6. Now you have select your desired user name and password for internet banking. You should type password twice for conformation. Make sure to use easy to remember password but difficult password that can't guessed by your relatives or any other persons. You should input login password as well as transaction password. Login password is for entering to your account and transaction password is for sending money to other persons or any online purchase you make.
7. Now select the terms and conditions box ticked and hit on Complete Registration button if you are sure to go after verifying yourself.
8. Now you see the finishing screen with your user ID. Now go to login page and enter your login ID and password to avail internet banking.

That's all! You have successfully activated your Internet Banking in PNB .

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sample letter of leave application due to illness

One of the school going students in our city approached us and asked how to write a leave letter to her school Principal for not attending the exam due to illness. We advised her to refer some model letters in internet and write clearly what you are going to tell. As the leave has been taken without prior permission due to unexpected illness  and it was already taken, we told her to use past tense in his leave letter writing. She searched in internet and told us no useful information got from the internet. Then we have decided to draft a beautiful letter in our website itself, that is www.howtoletter.com . You may find this sample format of leave application below and write your own application to your school Principal or College Principal.

Sample letter of leave application due to illness or urgent work in home

8th Standard
SSM School
TN, India

The Principal
SSM School
TN, India

Subject: Leave letter application due to illness
Respected sir /  madam,
Myself N.Maithili studying 8th standard. I was unable to attend this month exams due to sudden illness. I was severely suffering from stomach pain . Doctor advised me to take complete rest for 4 days and hence not able to come to school for writing my exams from 30th November 2017 to 01st, 02nd and 04th December 2017. Please excuse me and consider my absence as leave. I have attached the medical certificate with this letter for your ready reference. Thanking you!

Yours obediently,

Parent's Signature

Date: 05th December 2017
Place: Dindigul

Encl: Copy of medical certificate

P.S: Have you found this letter format useful for writing your leave letter due to illness or urgent work at home or any other reason. You need to modify if your reason is different from the one given here. If you have used any other reason and written your letter, you may let us know it through your comment below. Thank you!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Sample Resignation Letter

When you happened to leave a company / institute / organisation, you are required to write a resignation letter . The letter should be simple, focused and to the point. You don't need to elaborate the reason for your resignation of your position / job. Also it is important to write the letter in a professional way and submit it to the concerned authorities atleast 2 weeks or one month prior to your date of leaving. This is very much key point for both employer as well as for you. The employer will find a suitable candidate for your position within that period so that the work in the concerned department will not interrupted / pending. Another important point you should in mind while writing resignation letter is don't write your frustrations about the company or co-worker or manager or any other person. You should be polite in your resignation letter as this is the final record and may be given as a reference in future. Here is the sample letter and you should make sure to rewrite the letter to fit for situation.

Resignation Letter Sample Format

Senior Project Engineer
Jezlin Construction Private Ltd

Date: 22nd November 2017

The Manager
Jezlin Construction Private Ltd

Dear Sir / Madam,
I am writing this letter to inform you that I am resigning my position as Senior Project Engineer with effect from 31st December 2017. This date will be the last working day for me in your company. I would like to thank you for giving me the wonderful opportunities for professional and personnel development for the past 7 years. I have really enjoyed working with your concern and every staff member of the company.  If I can be of any help during this transition, please let me know. I can be reachable at any time through my mobile phone which is given below.

Yours sincerely

Note: Even if you have discussed your resignation with your manger, still you need to formally write a resignation letter for safe and easy transition from your position. Make this resignation letter format useful by writing it for your situations and need. Thanks for coming up to read this letter and hope you find many other resources in our website howtoletter.com are useful .

Friday, November 17, 2017

Sample Application Letter

There are many situations for which application letters are written. Most important one among them is writing application letter when applying to a job. Few other important tasks are applying for a scholarship, business related writings, bank letters etc. You should write application letter with utmost care and should convey the meaning of the letter in a positive manner. That is, you should convey what you want to say / request. Before going to the letter format, learn some important tips over here for writing beautiful / professional application format.

Tips for Application Letter Writing

1. Application letters should be drafted carefully avoiding any grammatical errors and other related errors.
2. All application letters should be in formal in nature
3. The language used in letter should be simple, lucid and easy to understand
4. Content in the letter should not be over lengthy. It should be short and precise.

Download / Collect Sample Application Letter for Job Application

When you are going to apply for a job, then how should your letter be ? Here is a sample letter format for applying to job.

<Your Name>
<Your Address>

<Employer Name>
<Employer Address>

Date: <Specify the date of writing the letter>

Dear Mr. / Ms. <Write the name of the concerned person here>
Recently when I was searching for job, It happened for me to see your advertisement for the post of _______ <Write the name of post here> in ___________<name of department> dated________ <Write the date of advt here> .  I am really interested to apply for the same.

I have done my UG degree in _____ <subject / department> from the _______ <Write the name of college / university here>. I am fresher and yet to start my career.  I am sending copies of my educational qualified certificates including my resume for your perusal.

I am aware that your ________ <Write the name of organization> has a good reputation in the society and I want to become a part of this prestigious company / institution. If given a chance I shall put in all my effort to excel in the job and bring laurels to the industry / company you concerned.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Yours faithfully
<Put Signature here>
<Write your name here>

Monday, November 13, 2017

Sample letter format to invite chief guest for college function

It happens that several functions are being conducted in a college. Some special guest / speaker will be invited as chief and he / she will deliver welcome address. There are several events for several purpose. The chief will be invited to the college with a request letter submitted to the concerned person. Some colleges will call chief guest for their conference at National Level or International Level. Some may call for their annual day function or sports day event. Graduation day function is also an important event for which chief guest will be called. If you are the one who arranges a function and needed to call a chief guest through a request letter inviting him / her, then the letter format provided below will be more helpful to you. Assume that your college is going to conduct annual day in the year 2017-18. You are required to invite a chief guest. Below is the sample format of letter to write.

Letter format to invite chief guest for college annual day function

Your Name
Your College Address

The Name of the Chief Guest
Designation of Chief Guest
Address of the Chief Guest

Respected Sir,
I am from _________ [Your College Name here]. I am the Principal representative for our college events. Our college is going to conduct its annual day on ________ [Write the date of function here]. In this connection, we cordially invite you to our 23rd annual day and make it as special day for our college students / staff / management. We would be most honored if you can be our college day's chief guest and deliver your key note address to the gatherings.
We look forward to hear your positive confirmation of our college day invitation. You can find the invitation card along with this letter. Thanking you!

Yours Sincerely
Your Name

Date: 13th November 2017
Place: _____________

Note: You should use this content only as a model letter for inviting chief guest for college function or any other functions / event that you like to conduct. You should make appropriate changes wherever required in the sample letter format above.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Children's day speech for school students and teachers

Children are the big asset of a nation. They build better future than the one before. Children day is celebrated on 14th November every year. This year, it is coming on 14th November 2017, the birth day of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, a leader and Ex-Prime Minister our country India. If you would like to deliver a speech on your school function / assembly, you may then take the sample speech provided below to deliver a good and effective speech.

Sample Children's day speech for students and teachers

Respected Principal, Headmasters, Teachers, Parents and my dear all students,
A very good morning to one and all! We are here gathered to celebrate one of the most auspicious occasion of India's festival, the Children day! This is special day for you all and me. We should proud of having the day that God given to us. This special day is meant for children. The birth day of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru also lovingly called as Chacha / Uncle, is celebrated as the Children day of India. He showed his extreme love to all children during his life span that is why the day was converted as Children day. He always has the habit of having a rose in his pocket. So children gifted him rose. When we see rose, we will think of him. Also the rose is the symbol of love that is why lovers are using the rose to gift to his / her lover.

Looking at the history of uncle Nehru, he was born on 14th November 1889 to the couple of Motilal Nehru and Swarup Rani. His father Motilal Nehru was a famous leader and lawyer. His sister Bijaylaxmi Pandit was also a great diplomat of our country India. His daughter Indira Gandhi was our first woman Prime Minister. He is also one of the freedom fighters of our nation against British Govt. He was kept in prison during the freedom fight. From the jail itself, Chacha / Uncle Nehru wrote a letter to his daughter Indira. The letter is popularly known as "Letters from a Father to His Daughter" . It is worth reading. We all must read this book apart from our regular text book and other books of story. We can buy this book or read from local library / school library. If it is not available in the school library, our respected Principal should consider bringing this book to the school library as soon as possible. He wrote many other books too. 

On this day, we should take oath to take care of our beloved children by showing them great love. We should direct our children to grow up in right direction with love. Let's all love the children, save them and build the way to create bright future for India. Jai Hind! Thank you all!

Would like to watch a video on sample speech for Children's Day 2017? Then you can watch here below!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Write a letter to the editor of newspaper

Letters to the editors

The salutation in letters to the editor is Sir and the ending Yours truly. The matter has to be precise and at the same time self-explanatory. As the letter is meant to be read by people with varying backgrounds, the writer should not expect that the reader would know a lot about the subject. The letter should make sense even to a person who does not know much about the subject.

Although the newspapers publish only the name of the writer, complete address should be given in the letter. If, for some reason, writers do not want to have their name published, they may give a suitable alternative like 'An applicant', 'A student' or 'A businessman'. But even then the writer name and complete address should be given in the letter. Remember that no respectable newspaper will publish an anonymous letter.

Sample Letters to the Editor of newspaper about noise pollution by use loudspeakers- Example 1

113/4 Oppanakkara Street
November 11, 2017
The Editor
"Indian Express"

The school year is fast coming to a close and children are busy preparing for their examinations. But unfortunately the use of loudspeakers is causing a lot of disturbance to the students. In several parts of the city, loudspeakers are used throughout the night. It is high time that this should be stopped. The authorities should grant permission for using loudspeakers only for essential purposes and that too for limited hours.

Yours truly,

Sample Letters to the Editor of newspaper about Development of Education- Example 2

88 A Rani Ammai Street
November 11, 2017

The Editor
"The Hindu"

It has been reported in the papers that Government is thinking of abolishing the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) and merging it with the Directorate of Higher Education (DHE). This is an ill-conceived move. It is wring to imaging the Director of Higher Education will be able to improve the standards of Technical Education. 

The DHE is already overburdened with the task of managing the hundreds of arts and science colleges in the State. In fact, the way the DHE has been managing the colleges leaves much to be desired. 

In a developing country like India, greater emphasis has to be laid on the quality of technical education as the country's future depends to a large extent on those coming out of the technical institutions. The need of the hour is to improve the standards of technical education. This can be done only by strengthening the Directorate of Technical Education.

We hope the Government will drop any move to abolish the DTE and think in terms of strengthening the office by bringing in experts in the various areas of technical education.

Yours truly,

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

How to link Aadhaar card with your bank account

My grandmother is having an SB account with TMB. She has received a letter from bank to link her Aadhaar number with her account. She then immediately went to the bank and asked for more details. The bank manager has told that fill the consent letter format mentioning the aadhaar number and submit it along with a xerox copy of aadhaar card. She has done the needful and her bank account was successfully linked with her aadhaar. Here is the what she got from bank and her written request consent letter submitted to the bank.

Letter from TMB to link Aadhaar card with bank account

Date: 13th October 2017

Mrs.Ranjitham J
105A East Street
Sivanthipatti & Karisalkulam
Kovilpatti - 628502

Dear Sir / Madam,
Sub: Request to submit copy of Aadhaar and consent letter - reg
Ref: Your SB account with our bank and your customer ID No. 29XXXXX with us

As per the directions from Government of India, every customer account with any bank, should be linked with Aadhaar number of the respective customer after verifying through Aadhaar authentication before 31st December 2017, failing which the account will cease to be operational till the time the Aadhaar number and consent letter are submitted by the customer.

Hence, we request you to submit a copy of your Aadhaar card along with a duly signed consent letter as per format enclosed to our nearest branch in person or by speed post to our branch as per your convenience before 30-9-2017. 

If you do not submit your aadhaar number and consent letter with our bank on or before 31st December 2017, then we will be forced to freeze your account as per Government direction.

Hence, we request you to submit your aadhaar copy and duly signed consent letter to our nearest branch for aadhaar authentication without fail.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
Branch Head

1. In case of joint SB account, both aadhaar and consent letter for aadhaar authentication are to be submitted for all the joint account holders.
2. In case of SB account in the name of trust / society / association / HUF / Institution, both aadhaar and consent letter for aadhaar authentication are to be submitted for all the trustees / officer bearers / authorized signatories / HUF members as applicable to the respective constitutions.

Now what she has done is just submitted the copy of her aadhaar card and consent letter format given the bank. She filled up the form and put signature and submitted both copy of aadhaar and duly sined filled-in consent letter. Her account was successfully linked.

If you received this type of letter from your concerned bank, the you should follow the bank instructions to what to do. The above procedure will be very much useful for those who is having their account with TMB. Thank you for reading this article! You can comment below for any queries and suggestions.

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Monday, October 23, 2017

How to write a letter to the Bank Manager for Educational Loan

Educational Loan is helpful for those who want to study their dream course. The person who need educational land is required to the contact the Bank manager of the bank from where the educational loan he / she want to obtain. If you are asked to write a letter to the bank manager requesting him to sanction your educational loan, then the following sample letter format will be of more helpful in writing a formal letter.

6, Shastri Nagar,

The Manager,
State Bank of India,
City Branch - 3,

Date: 24th October 2017.

Sub: Requesting to sanction educational loan
I am an account holder of your bank here. I am very much satisfied with your service you offered so far. Now my daughter has completed her schooling and wishes to join medical course. She has obtained the deserving marks in H.Sc. But the cost of studies is too high. I request you to sanction an educational loan for Rs.5 lakhs.
Expecting your favourable reply.

Thanking you!

Yours faithfully,

Note: This is sample letter format only. The readers are advised to make necessary changes in the letter format wherever applicable.

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Sample letter to the Manager of a cement factory

Suppose, if you are asked to write a letter to the Manager of a cement factory to visit the factory, how you will start writing the letter ? Here is a sample usage for the same. Go through the letter format provided below and make use of it.

The School Leader,
VHN Higher Secondary School,

The Manager,
Ramco Cement Factory (P) Limited,

A group of fifty students along with seven teachers has planned to visit your factory on 02nd November 2017. We will come there by 10:00 am after taking breakfast. We are eager to know how the cement is manufactured. Kindly arrange the person / team for us to explain everything.

We expect the confirmation from your side.

Thank you,

Yours faithfully,
School Leader.

Address on the envelope:
The Manager,
Ramco Cement Factory (P) Limited,

Thursday, October 19, 2017

How to write letter to deactivate SMS alert service

SMS alert service is beneficial as the account transaction details are sent to the respective customer immediately. Though it is useful, some bankers find it very annoying when the service charge are deducted from the account. So some people don't want the SMS alert service . If you are the one who is worrying about high service charge being deducted by your bank and do want to stop this service, you must submit a request letter to your bank manager to deactivate SMS service. Here is the sample letter format.

303, Naja Street,
TN, India.

The Bank Manager,
Indian Overseas Bank,
TN, India.

Respected Sir,
Sub: Deactivating SMS alert service
I am your customer since last 7 years. I have SB account____________ [Write account number here] and SMS alert service is already active with this account. I feel the service charge for SMS alert is high and so want no more SMS alert service in future. Please consider my request and deactivate SMS alert for my account. Thank you!

Yours faithfully,

Copy of Bank Statement
Copy of Aadhaar card

Note: This is sample letter format only. You must modify the letter format as per your requirements from your bank. Consult your bank manager for more details. Thank you!

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Sample letter to police to report lost or stolen mobile phone

Looking for sample letter format to register a police complaint regarding your mobile stolen or lost somewhere? In this article, you can download a sample letter that a boy used to register FIR with police station. Read the article completely and use your best judgement to write a meaningful letter.

We lived in Tirunelveli 2 years back in 2015. There was a boy near our house studying 12th standard. He used a costly smartphone iPhone. He used to carry the mobile phone to the school where he studied. The iPhone was actually presented by one of his relatives. His father is very strict but his mother is not strict as much. His father advised him not to use this iPhone though it was presented. Also as he was studying H.Sc, his father told him to keep the mobile in suite-case and after completion of 12th standard, use the smartphone. But the student sometimes went with smartphone without his father knowledge. One day, he used to carry the iPhone in School and returned back to home. When he opened his bag to carry out the iPhone to put it back in suitcase, he was very much disappointed that the iPhone is stolen. He confused a lot and how to find it. He told the matter about the mobile lost / stolen with his mother but hide from his father. Also he approached us and told the situation. We advised him to lodge a complaint about the lost as we suspected that it might have been gone by theft in school. He rushed immediately to the police station with his mother and made a police complaint as the iPhone is very costly. In the letter format, he indicated his IMEI number for smartphone and the SIM number that was put in the iPhone. After two days, the police called him and returned the smartphone. Also there was the thief caught by police. Thief was nothing but his classmate. He shocked! And the student thanked the police left the police station. This was the story. Now the model letter he submitted to the police station may be helpful to you, if you want to register a complaint. The format goes below:

Sample letter format to police to report lost or stolen mobile phone

102, Sankar Nagar,
Tirunelveli, TN, India.

Officer Incharge,
Sankar Nagar Police Station,
Tirunelveli District,
Tamil Nadu, India.

Sub: Loss / Stolen my smartphone iPhone

Respected sir,
I am H.Ramar studying 12th standard in Sankar Nagar Matriculation Higher Secondary School. I am currently residing at the address provided above. I lost my iPhone 7 when I return back from the school today evening 05-10-2015. I suspect the phone may be stolen at the school itself. I have also informed the matter to the School management. The IMEI number of my iPhone 7 is ___________ with the serial number _________________ . The approximate value of my phone is Rs.60000/- . So I request you to kindly register a complaint and give me an attested copy of FIR so that I can block the phone number and misuse of my phone by thief through my service provider. I shall be obliged if you kindly take action to trace and recover the lost iPhone 7.

Yours faithfully,
Contact Number: ___________
Email: ___________

Place: Sankar Nagar
Date: 05-10-2015, 06:00 pm.

Note: The address and other personnel details like school, address of police station, etc given in the letter format are not true and used only for the purpose of writing the sample letter though the theft story is real.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Letter format to update PAN card with bank

One of our friend called us and asked how to link his PAN card with his bank account. We advised him to approach the bank directly and give a request letter to add his PAN card number with his account number. His problem is how to write a letter. He don't know how to and where to start writing. Then we told him to visit our website and find the post titled Letter format to update PAN card with bank. He then used this letter format and wrote beautiful letter and submitted the written letter and successfully registered his PAN with his bank account number. If you are in such a situation, then you are the right place to follow up this letter format for your use in bank.

Sample letter format to update PAN card with bank

79, Maraimalai Nagar,
Chengalpattu, TN, India.

The Bank Manager,
SBI, Maraimalai Nagar,
Chengalpattu, TN, India.

Subject: Request to update my PAN with account number

Dear Sir / Madam,
I am your honest customer since last 7 years. I have not done the linking of my PAN with account number bearing _______________ [Write the account number here] . As the Govt of India directions, I want to keep updated my bank account details here. So I humbly request you to add my PAN ______________ [write the PAN card number here] with my account. I have attached the copy of my PAN card with this letter. Thanking you!

Yours faithfully,
Date: 25th September 2017
Place: Maraimalai Nagar.

Copy of PAN card

P.S: You are required to use this letter format as a sample only. You are not encouraged to publish the contents anywhere in the internet without our permission. However, you may send link to others if they want to read the contents.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sample letter to Principal requesting to issue fees receipt

When it comes to applying educational loan to bank, it is important to submit required documents like, address proof, college bonafide certificate, estimation of fees for upcoming years and fees receipt if you have already paid fee. So you should approach your college Principal and should write a formal letter requesting for issuing fee receipt. We have decided to write this letter because one of our friend had this situation.

The situation- My friend applied for educational loan during his first of engineering course. In the first year, the exam fee should be paid at the time of admission and so there was no chance to pay the fee after getting the loan. In fact, the loan can be applied after getting the admission in any course. He was in the first semester and he paid all the fees including hostel fee and mess fee. The bank will usually offer loan by cheque in the name of the Principal of the college and the college will encash the cheque for the particular student. As he paid the first fee, it is not necessary to pay by cheque for his first year course and the future year, the fee may be paid through cheque issued as bank load for him in the name of the college. So bank asked him to submit the fee receipts along with his bank loan application in order to get the loan amount for the first year to his account. He needed to write a letter to collect all the fee receipt he already paid to the college. Here is the sample letter format he had written to the college Principal.

Sample format of letter to Principal requesting to issue fees receipt

Roll No: 01045,
1st Year Civil Engineering,
Risha Jasmine College of Engineering,
Villupuram-45, TN, India.

The Principal,
Risha Jasmine College of Engineering,
Vullupuram-45, TN, India.

Sub: Request for college fee, mess bill and hostel fee receipt

Respected sir,
I, R.Henry, studying I year B.E Civil Engineering. I am going to apply for educational loan for my entire study (4 years). In this connection, I need to submit the fee receipt of college tuition fee, mess bill and hostel fee. So I hereby request you to give me the receipts for tuition fee, hostel fee and mess bill for the year 2017-18. Thanking you!

Yours obediently,

HOD Signature

Thanks for reading Sample letter to Principal requesting to issue fees receipt. You need to make necessary changes in the letter format to make it suitable for your situation and needs.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Letter format to request retainer fee refund

What is retainer fee and why you need to write a letter to get refund

Retainer fee is the fee you paid for your attorney who is typically a lawyer. What if you have paid fee to your lawyer who did not serve the purpose ? You may want to get a refund from your attorney. In this case, you must write a letter . Here is a sample letter format that you can send your lawyer to break up the relationship with him and make a request to refund your retainer fee.

Sample Letter format to request retainer fee refund

Date: 13th September 2017
Place: ____________

Name of your Attorney
Full Address of attorney

Subject: Requesting to refund retainer fee

Dear sir,
I, _________ (Your name here), became a client for you on _________ [Write the date of meeting / agreement here). I have paid retainer fee. Still now no action is taken from your end to resolve my issue, __________ (Write the exact issue here). Now I want to close this client agreement and don't require your service in this matter. I hereby request you to refund my retainer fee that I paid. You may cut down some amount for the period you were with me in assisting the legal matter. Please refund the retainer fee as early as possible.

Thanks for co-operation.

Your truly,
Your Name

Your Name
Your Address.

Note: This is sample letter only for getting a refund of your retainer fee with your lawyer. It depends upon the case to case and person to person. You are requested to use your best judgement before jumping into action based on what is given here. We are not responsible for any loss if it happened. Thanks for understanding!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sample Loan Request Letter to Bank

Applying for a bank loan? Be it educational loan or personal loan against salary, the bank official will ask you to submit a request letter along with other documents for loan. If you are searching for a sample letter format for taking a loan, here is the solution for your search. We have here provided you the guidance on how to write a beautiful letter for requesting your bank to sanction a loan.

Sample Request Letter Seeking Educational Loan to Bank

66, Mathi Nagar,
TN, India.

The Bank Manager,
IOB, Dindigul,
TN, India.

Respected sir,
Sub: Loan Request Letter
I have been maintaining an SB account here with your concerned bank. I want to apply for educational loan. I have the estimation of loan for entire study. I am doing B.E degree in Marina College of Engineering, Dindigul. I hereby request you to kindly sanction the loan at the earliest. I have also attached the necessary documents required for loan sanction.

Yours truly,

1. Copy of Address Proof [Ration Card / Voter ID / Driving License
2. Copy of Bank Passbook
3. Copy of Aadhaar Card
5. Copy of Estimation of Loan obtained from college
6. Any other documents if required.

The following letter format can be used for seeking a personal loan if you are a salaried person.

Sample Request Letter Seeking Personnel Loan to Bank

77, Kamaraj Nagar,
TN, India.

The Bank Manager,
KVB, Thanjavur,
TN, India.

Respected sir,
Sub: Loan Request Letter - Personal Loan
I have been maintaining a Salary Account here with your concerned bank. The account was created through my employer ________________ [Write the name of the company or institute where you are working]. I am maintaining 2000 monthly average balance in this account. I am in need of urgent finance. So I humbly request to sanction me a loan for an amount of Rs.6,00,000 (6 lacs). I have attached the recommendation / bonafide letter from my employer along with other required documents. Please process the personal loan as early as possible.

Thank you! Awaiting for your favour!

Yours truly,

1. Copy of Address Proof [Ration Card / Voter ID / Driving License]
2. Copy of Bank Passbook with bank statement
3. Copy of Aadhaar Card
4. Copy of PAN card
5. Copy of Bonafide / Recommendation letter from employer
6. Any other documents if required.

Note: Use the letter format as sample writing only. Replace the personnel details with yours to match the letter format to your needs. Consider sharing this article tilled Sample Loan Request Letter to Bank to your friends using the social media share button.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Sample letter to write a report on a fire accident

As a part of the English course in Engineering / Arts / Science / School level subjects, students are often asked to write a report on a fire accident. The question is asked to develop students in a way that they can be able to prepare a custom report about any incident. This will help their professional work / career in future if they are happened to be in such a situation. Here is a sample letter / report to a fire accident that may happen.

A memo report on an accident that took place in a leading plastic manufacturing unit

ABC Plastics Private Limited,
Ekatuthangal, Guindy,

To : The Managing Director                                                                        Ref: TN/Che/645
From: The Supervisor / Quality Control                                                     11th September 2017

Sub: Report on the fire accident
With reference to your memo No.TN/Che/645, dated 8th September 2017, a detailed study on the fire accident has been made. A report on the accident with suggestive measures to avoid such mishaps in future is illustrated below.

Last week on 5th September 2017, a fire broke out in the plastic injection manufacturing unit due to a spark produced in the electric circuit near the main. The products (powder container shutter for HLL) were being dispatched. The products are 400 KG in volume. Immediately fire extinguishing spray started automatically and fire service rushed from outside also. About 20 workers involving in the service inside the shop floor experienced 20% burns. They were administered first aid and taken to the hospital immediately. The fire continued and all the products to be dispatched are burned out completely even though the fire service took their best.
Under investigation, it was found that some spark had occurred to damage in the power line. Constant exposure to paint had caused the damage. To avoid such mishaps in the future, it is recommended that
i) Wiring should be checked and replaced at regular intervals, particularly, in the paint shop.
ii) Proper fuses should be installed.
iii) Workers should be provided fire-resistant dress.
iv) More number of automatic fire extinguishing devices should be installed.

Your Name.

Sample letter to an editor of a newspaper to complain about noise pollution

Wondering how to write a letter to editor of a newspaper to register a compliant against noise pollution in your area ? Here is the format of letter written for a demo purpose. Read the article illustrated below.

Why to write to an editor of newspaper?

You may think that what is the necessity to write a letter to newspaper. The thing is, it is the powerful tool to get attention of the higher authorities to control over the noise pollution. Every newspaper makes a column for people voice. If anything which needs urgent attention, then people may use those place to put their concern. If you are about to complain, then it is good decision to forward your letter of complaint to the newspaper concerned. Here is the letter format for complaining about noise pollution. In Anna University Syllabus too, the question on letter writing is often asked. In 2012 exam, the following question was asked.

"Write a letter to the Editor of 'The Hindu Newspaper', Chennai, complaining of noise pollution as there are many theatres, community halls with loudspeakers in locality."

Sample letter to editor of newspaper complaining noise pollution 

The Editor
The Hindu

Date: 11th September 2017

Dear Sir,

Sub: Complaining about noise pollution

On behalf of the people of Guindy, I would like to bring to light, the nuisance caused by jarring sounds. I kindly request you to publish the news given below in your daily for finding remedial action as soon as possible.

Noise Pollution - A threat

I would like bring the noise pollution created in our area to your kind attention. The people in our locality are often got irritated by the jarring loudspeakers all the time from the different marriage halls and the theatres. All the time, the marriage halls are busy with various functions. Also all the social, cultural and political meetings are conducted there with the use of loud speakers. Due to the high volume of sound, the school children, patients in hospitals, heart diseased people and the old age people are facing difficulty even during night. So we are expecting a remedial action immediately.

Thank you,
Yours faithfully,
[Your Name]

Friday, September 8, 2017

Sample letter format to bank to block ATM card

Are you looking for how to write a letter to block your ATM card or debit card? Here is a sample / model format of letter to inform your bank to block your ATM card to prevent misuse of your card by somebody. Learn more details below.

Why should you inform to block your ATM card ?

There are many reasons to get blocked your card yourself. Nobody want block his / her card. But what if your ATM card is missed or lost somewhere while travelling? In such situation, somebody may misuse your card if the lost card goes into the hand of them. It is unfortunate so you should immediately rush to your bank and tell the bank manager to block your ATM card stating that you have lost your card during travelling. So probably, you must submit a written request letter to block your debit card. Here is the letter format for the same. 

Sample letter format to bank to block ATM card

57, Raja Street,

The Bank Manager,
Axis Bank,

Subject: Requesting to block my lost ATM card.

Dear sir,
I, Murugesh, have an active SB account with this Axis bank in you concern. I had a Visa Debit Card / ATM card bearing the number 1234 6578 0913 8732 . The card expires in month of April 2021. Unfortunately, I have lost / missed out the card during a travel from Nagercoil to Kanyakumari. I could not trace the card till now. It has been two days from the date of loss. So I want to block my ATM card immediately and give me new ATM card as early as possible. Thanking you!

Yours truly,

Date: 08th September 2017
Place: Nagercoil.

Note: In From and To field, you must include your particulars to make the letter complete. In the body of the letter format also, you may need to modify the text based on your needs.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Sample Format of Letter to Bank to Stop Cheque Payment

Cheque payment is one of the most effective payment method of money transaction. Though NEFT / IMPS transaction dominate these days, still cheque payment is an effective and professional way of payment. Cheque is given from the person who need to pay / send money to other person. The person receiving the cheque is required to visit the concerned bank and remit the amount. Cheque can be open cheque or crossed cheque. Crossed cheque is the safest way to pay. So what if cheque is lost by the receiver ? It can be misused by other person who holds the same name as receiver. In such case, the cheque provider loss money. If you happens this situation of loss or for any other reason to stop your cheque payment to your client, then it is your duty to inform the bank to stop the payment. You should write a letter and submit it to your bank manager so that the cheque can't be processed for payment. Here is the letter format on how to write an effective letter to stop cheque payment if it is lost / any other reason.

Sample Letter Format to Bank to Stop Cheque Payment

ABC Private Limited,

The Bank Manager,
HDFC Bank,

Subject: Cancellation of cheque payment regarding

Dear sir,
I have SB account with your concerned bank. I would like to request to cancel / stop payment for the cheque issued to my client. The cheque is lost by the client. So I would like to hereby request you to stop the payment for the cheque number _____________ [Write the number here] issued in favour of ____________ [Write the client / receiver name here]. Kindly the stop / cancel the payment if it comes to your concern for processing transaction through third party. Thanking you!

Yours truly,

Date: 07th September 2017
Place: Hosur

How to write a letter to your father for money order

Gone are the days asking father to send money through letter. In olden and golden days, the only communication was through the letter and it took more time. Now-a-days, life is easy with the technological improvements. These days bring the feel of closeness of lives even though they are far distance. So nobody will like to write a letter to get money from their father. However, in school and college studies, the learning of letter and letter formats is carried out. As a part of the curriculum and Syllabus, the question like how to write a letter to your father for money order arises. Though it is not in real time present days, it is important to learn it as a part of their study. And hence, the search for how to write letter to father asking some money to buy books, pay fees, pay mess fess, exam fees are done over internet. So we have here came up with a sample letter format for the same. Find below the required model letter for the purpose of demo and study.

Sample letter format to father asking to send money by money order

Date: 07th September 2017

Dear Father,
I am your son, J.Prakash writing you this letter. I am fine. How are you father. It has been 2 months since I talked with you. How is my mother and younger sister. Hope they are good. I am comfortable with the hostel stay here. I am alright here. I am extremely satisfied with the new environment both in academic and personnel. Dear father, I am in need of some money to buy study / book materials, exam fees, hostel mess fees and for my daily needs. The amount required for now is Rs.5000/- . So I kindly request you father send Rs.5000/- through money order to my college / school hostel address. Please send it within 10 days. Thanks my dear father!

Yours lovingly

Note to Visitors: The above is sample letter format only. The contents provided may be required to be modified according to your need and situations.

Sample letter format to bank to cancel Demand Draft

Sometimes, it happens that Demand Draft you given to other persons are not accepted or not used. So so the money bearing in the demand draft should be refunded to you. In such case, you are required to write a formal letter to your bank manager to cancel your DD and deposit the money in your account. Learn here how to draft a professional letter to your bank requesting them to cancel the DD taken by you.

Format of letter to bank manager to cancel Demand Draft (DD)

12, Braiyant Nagar,

The Bank Manager,
ICICI, Braiyant Nagar,

Sub: Requesting to cancel my DD and deposit the amount to my SB account

Dear Sir / Madam,
I, Ravindran, have SB account ____________ [Write the account number here] in your concerned bank here. Last month, I have taken a DD of Rs.10000/- (Ten Thousand) to the person named M.Maheswarn for a business transaction. Of late, the transaction was not made between us. So I want to cancel the DD which I have in hand. Kindly process the cancellation request and refund the amount in DD to my SB account here. The details of DD and my account number are given below.

Date of DD taken: 06-8-2017
DD number: 4513678976
Amount in DD: Rs.10000/- (Ten Thousand)
My Account Number: 1345786245649865

Thanking you!

Yours faithfully,
Date: 07th September 2017
Place: Tuticroin

Note: The personnel details given in the Sample letter format to bank to cancel Demand Draft above should be replaced with your own details to make the letter format meaningful. If you have any doubt, ask us through the comment box provided below. Share this letter format to your friend if you care! Thank you very much.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Job Application Sample Letter Format

Wondering how to write a covering letter / job application letter ? Here is a sample letter format when you are going to apply for a job. The given sample is the one which can be used for applying to an institution / university / college / school.

How to Write Job Application - Sample Letter Format / Model letter format / Format of Sample Letter

Your Name
Your Addrsss

The Principal / Director
Institute Name
Institute Address.

Dear Sir / Madam,
I would be extremely thankful if you could consider my Curriculum Vitae as an expressed interest in exploring the possibilities of joining your esteemed organization as an assistant professor / associate professor / professor. I seek an opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge gained over the past few years.

Presently, at the threshold of my career, with a Master of Engineering (M.E) in Computer Science (CSE), I have been searching Engineering Colleges that fits for my professional interests as an assistant professor.

Apart from my knowledge in Computer Science engineering regarding basic engineering principles analysis, I have good technical knowledge in building engineering services (especially Embedded&Cloud technology) gathered during the courses.

My expertise in creating a new technologies like Auto Rescue System (patent product of mine) and Panic Button., etc. I have good communication skills in English.

I hope you will find my profile to be a strong indicator of what I would contribute as a skilled, hardworking member of your highly qualified strategic team. If you are in agreement, that my qualifications are a close fit to your needs, I would be delighted to hear from you.  You may reach me on Tel: ___________  or youremail@gmail.com.  

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I hereby attach my Curriculum Vitae with this mail.

Yours truly,
Your Name

Date: ________
Place _________

Note: Job Application Sample Letter Format given above is for sample only. You need to modify the letter format as per your requirements.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

I forgot my ATM PIN SBI. What do I do ?

If you are SBI card holder and forget your ATM PIN unfortunately, then you must get new ATM PIN or reset your PIN. If you are confused about how you do it, then this article will guide you. Go through the step by step instructions provided here and reset your ATM PIN.

The 5 methods of resetting your ATM password / PIN in SBI:

Several banks follow different methods to get new ATM PIN. As SBI is crowded with many customers, we are here provided the possible ways to reset the PIN. In SBI, there are 5 methods to get ATM PIN if you forget the current PIN. They are:
1. Through Online SBI website
2. Through IVRS
3. Through ATM
4. Through SMS
5. Through SBI Branch
We will explain each method one by one.,

Resetting ATM PIN through online SBI website:

You should have internet banking activated already for doing this method of reset. If you don't have internet banking, then it is not possible to do reset using method . Then you should go other methods. Here is the instruction for those who are having internet banking with SBI.
  • Go to https://retail.onlinesbi.com/retail/login.htm and login with your user name and password.
  • After successful login, go to e-Services ->ATM Card Services -> ATM PIN Generation and follow the instructions comes in the screen. You should have registered mobile to get your ATM PIN and OPT messages.

Resetting ATM PIN through IVRS:

  • Dial to  1800 11 2211 or 1800 425 3800 and select option 2 there
  • Enter your 16 digit Debit card number
  • Enter your SBI account number
  • You will get OTP and enter your OTP to reset your ATM PIN
  • You can now change your ATM PIN to new PIN

Resetting ATM PIN through any SBI ATM machine:

  • Go any SBI ATM centre
  • Insert your ATM card / Debit Card
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to reset your PIN

Resetting ATM PIN through SMS:

This methods will be easy and fast method. Just send an SMS in the following format to the number 567676
XXXX are the last 4 digits of your State Bank Debit Card
AAAA are the last 4 digits of your Account number.
Example: PIN 6745 7598

Resetting ATM PIN through SBI branch:

If you still find difficult to get new PIN, you can approach your bank where your account is, and submit a request letter stating that you forget your ATM PIN. Read the sample letter format to write a request letter to get new ATM PIN in SBI . This letter format can be used for any other branch if they ask you to submit a letter of request.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

How to apply online for Duplicate Driving License in Tamil Nadu

Keeping original driving license while driving is made mandatory in Tamil Nadu effective from 1st September 2017. Failing which, a fine of Rs.500 or 3 months prison will be offered as a punishment, The Govt of Tamil Nadu has announced. So don't forget to carry out the original driving license along with other documents such as Bike Insurance and Vehicle / Bike Registration Certificate. Also don't forget to wear helmet.  If you have lost your driving license or your license has been stolen / severely damaged, it is better to get duplicate driving license and after getting the duplicate, drive safely. Online facility to register your complaint is made today (1st September 2017) . So you can get Lost Document Report (LDR) online. You can also track the status of your complaint registration online like followed by loss of other documents.

How to Register Compliant for Loss of Driving License:

  1. Go to http://www.tnpolice.gov.in
  2. Click on Register Online Complaints button under Online Services Tab.
  3. Select your district
  4. Fill out all required details such as Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Address, Mobile Number, Email ID
  5. Then in Subject field, select the appropriate option, ie) Document Missing
  6. Then give the place of occurrence
  7. Description (how you lost. Write it within 200 letters)
  8. If your want to attach the proof, ie) Xerox copy of your driving license, select yes and upload the scanned copy.
  9. Enter the security code displaying there and click on Register button to make your complaint.  

You will be given your complaint registration number by which your track further status online. Below is the list of documents required to be submitted to your RTO office for getting the Driving license.

Documents Required to be submitted for getting duplicate driving license

1. Application Form LDR (for intimation of loss or destruction of driving license and application for duplicate. This is the certificate mentioned above.
2. A First Information Report (FIR) or NCR of the licence, in case it is lost or stolen.
3. Original Licence (if it is severely damaged)
4. Attested photocopies of the original driver licence (in case the driving license is lost).
5. Passport Size Photographs
6. Address Proof documents for reference
7. Age proof documents for reference.

In some states, documents can be submitted online in the RTO website. In Tamil Nadu, it is not yet implemented. Only the complaint registration is made available. 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sample Letter format to bank for activating internet banking

Would like to activate net banking for your SB account? You must request through a letter to your bank manager to activate / start net banking facility. Read this article to know how to do it.

Why net banking is important ?

Present days, many people find easy and fast method of money transaction through net banking facility offered by their concerned bank. Apart from the fast and easy transaction, you can have full control over how your money comes and goes out of your account. You can see last 5 transaction, entire account statement, etc if you have internet banking activated for your account. Also the online shopping made easy with the internet banking facility. Booking bus ticket, flight ticket, train ticket, online bill payment, recharge, electricity bill payment, and everything will be done with ease and take only few minutes so that you can save plenty of time in your life. So if you don't have the internet banking, it is the right time to approach your bank and ask what do to. If they ask a request letter fom you, then you should take a plain paper and start writing your letter. Most of the bank will have some template form where you have to enter the particulars asked there. Still some bank like IOB / TMB, asks customer to submit a written request letter. If you are the one fall under such situation then use the following sample letter format to write your letter for you.

Sample Letter format to bank to activate internet banking

#114, Alwar Street,

The Bank Manager
Indian Overseas Bank

Sub: Requestion to issue internet banking service for my account

Dear Sir / Madam,
I am your customer since last 7 years. When I opened my account with this bank IOB, I did not apply for internet banking for my account. These days, I am finding much difficult to transfer money to others. Also I need to do a lot of purchase online. So I thought of having internet banking facility for me. Hence I kindly request you to activate internet banking against my account. My account number is ____________________ [Write your account number here]. I have attached the identity and address proof with this letter. Thanking you!

User name option 1: marina2010
User name option 2: marina2012
User name option 3: marina2017

Yours truly,

Date: _________
Place: _________

Note: In From and To field, you must use your own details to make this letter format suitable for you.

Hope you have understood how to draft a letter for activating internet bank facility. Is this letter helpful? Then write a comment below for what did you do to activate internet bank for you as a personnel experience. You can also ask us any query if you have in your mind.