Thursday, September 7, 2017

Sample Format of Letter to Bank to Stop Cheque Payment

Cheque payment is one of the most effective payment method of money transaction. Though NEFT / IMPS transaction dominate these days, still cheque payment is an effective and professional way of payment. Cheque is given from the person who need to pay / send money to other person. The person receiving the cheque is required to visit the concerned bank and remit the amount. Cheque can be open cheque or crossed cheque. Crossed cheque is the safest way to pay. So what if cheque is lost by the receiver ? It can be misused by other person who holds the same name as receiver. In such case, the cheque provider loss money. If you happens this situation of loss or for any other reason to stop your cheque payment to your client, then it is your duty to inform the bank to stop the payment. You should write a letter and submit it to your bank manager so that the cheque can't be processed for payment. Here is the letter format on how to write an effective letter to stop cheque payment if it is lost / any other reason.

Sample Letter Format to Bank to Stop Cheque Payment

ABC Private Limited,

The Bank Manager,
HDFC Bank,

Subject: Cancellation of cheque payment regarding

Dear sir,
I have SB account with your concerned bank. I would like to request to cancel / stop payment for the cheque issued to my client. The cheque is lost by the client. So I would like to hereby request you to stop the payment for the cheque number _____________ [Write the number here] issued in favour of ____________ [Write the client / receiver name here]. Kindly the stop / cancel the payment if it comes to your concern for processing transaction through third party. Thanking you!

Yours truly,

Date: 07th September 2017
Place: Hosur

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