Saturday, September 29, 2018

Sample letter format to delink your aadhaar card in bank account

Recently Supreme court of India has declared that forcing people to link their aadhaar card in bank account or any other account unconstitutional. Those who have not yet linked their aadhaar card should be happy about this verdict. However, what if you have already linked your aadhaar number with your bank account? Should you need to delink or let it be there to be linked? The answer is yes and no. It depends. That is, if you have direct benefit transfer (DBT) in your bank account, then the answer is NO, it is mandatory for receiving subsidy from Government. Otherwise, the answer is YES and go ahead to delink at any time. So you should contact your bank manager to delink your aadhaar number from your bank account. Probably, the bank manager will ask you to submit a request letter to start processing the delink. Here we have given a sample format to write on! Read on to know the model / sample letter format. This letter format will help those who have linked aadhaar with mobile number / linked aadhaar with credit card etc.

A sample letter format to delink your aadhaar card in bank account

63, Keekattukaran Street,
Pudukkottai District.

The bank manager,
Indian bank,
Pudukkottai District.

Subject: Delinking of my aadhaar card from my bank account

Dear sir / madam,
As you know I am one of your customer since 2010. I have already linked my aadhaar number 7345 6578 7654 to my account number 675438765. As per the supreme court order, I came to know that linking the aadhaar number with bank account is not mandatory. So I don't want my aadhaar to be linked with bank account anymore. I have no direct benefit transfer (DBT) for this account number. Hence I kindly request you to process my request and delink my aadhaar number from my bank account number. I have also attached my KYC documents (Copy of PAN card, copy of address proof, copy of bank passbook) for your reference.
                                                                       Thanking you!

                                                                                                                 Yours truly,
Date: 01st October 2018
Place: Karambakkudi

1. Copy of PAN card
2. Copy of Address proof
3. Copy of Bank Passbook

Note to visitors: The sample format given above is for only reference. You need to give your own details in the places wherever applicable. Thanks for reading Sample letter format to delink your aadhaar card in bank account. Keep sharing this article among your friends and relations.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Sample Letter to Remove Items from Credit Report

Are you looking for how to write a letter to Credit Bureau to remove an item from your credit report? Take a help here by looking at the sample letter format written for you. If you have receiving late payment credit entry in your report, but you have done the payment on time, it will create problem when estimating your credit for some other purposes like getting loans, to get insurance, getting a facility such as cable TV, internet, utility, or cell phone service. So proper credit report is essential for everyone.

You may also hire a credit repair company to inspect your credit report if you have so many items recorded in your report and could not able to find out bad or late credit yourself. It will be good if you have done it yourself and you can directly report to your credit reporting agency to correct report. You have to submit your issue with a letter detailing what item is to be removed from your report. Here is a letter format for the same.

Sample Letter Format to Remove Items from Credit Report

Albert Nova
City, State, Zip Code

09 / 26 / 2018

Name of the Credit Bureau
Dispute Investigation Department
Credit Bureau Address
City, State, Zip Code

To Whom It May Concern:

I, Albert Nova myself have reviewed my credit report and I have observed that a late payment credit and so I dispute here the late payment claim. I have attached my credit report with the disputed item highlighted with a square.

The item indicated in square is an incorrect late payment claim from ________________ [Write here the name of the source]. I am sure that the payment for this item was made on time and I have attached a photocopy of my receipt of payment. Hence I kindly request you to remove this inaccurate information from my credit report.

I have also attached the proof of my identity (copy of my driving license). Please re-investigate this late payment claim and remove it from my credit record. 

Albert Nova

List of enclosures:
1. Copy of my credit report
2. Copy of receipt of payment for the disputed item
3. Copy of driving license

Note: Make sure that all enclosures should be of copies only, NOT original. Readers are advised to make any changes when they deem fit in the above format for removing items from Credit Report. The above format is for sample usage only. 

Monday, September 24, 2018

Poorna Prajna Public School Teachers Recruitment Application Format

Are you looking for teachers recruitment application format? You can here download a sample format that can be used to get a job in Poorna Prajna Public School located in New Delhi. The recent job notification for teachers has been published and the details are provided below.

Poorna Prajna Public School, New Delhi has advertised in THE HINDUSTAN TIMES newspaper for recruitment of Teachers PGT jobs vacancies. Interested and eligible job aspirants are requested to walk-in on 27th September 2018. Check out further more details at

If you want to get Poorna Prajna Public School Teachers Recruitment Application Format, then click here

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Sample letter for refund of money from college

This is the sample letter for refund of money from college. In this Sample letter, the letter must be sent by certified email, So only the sender has a very clear proof of his date and time the letter sent and received. Any attachments regarding the refund should be copies of documents and should not have original documents.

If any situation like medical treatments, unexpected accidents, the sender should mention the correct reason behind it and also must attach the medical condition certified by doctor

Sample letter format for refund of money from college

Requester's Name
Requester's Address
zip code

Financial services
University name
city state zipcode

Dear sir
Sub: Request of refund for discontinue of course
I am the student of the _______________ [name of university]. My admission was made on ____________ [Date] in the Computer Management course. By this letter I request you to refund my tuition fees of $500. According to the policies for refund mentioned in the student manual, the full refund will be granted if the student discontinue from the course within 8 weeks from the beginning of the course. You can see my admission date. I am within the limit. The reason for the discontinuing the course is because of a urgent medical treatment. I met a car accident. In that accident my hands were fractured and I will be undergoing the treatment for the broken hands for the next 10 weeks. So I will not able to attend the class and continue my course.

I enclosed a letter from my Doctor __________ [name here] as well as copy of the medical records. So please consider my refund and initiate refund as soon as possible

Requester's Printed Name

Note to visitors: The above letter format is for sample usage only. You need to make any necessary changes to suit for your situations. Thanks for reading "Sample letter for refund of money from college" and consider sharing it via social media to spread the article you like here. Thank you once again.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Writing strong warning letter for attitude problem

In work place, there are several employee working together. There may be some attitude problems that arise often between co-workers in an organization. The attitude problem spoils the workplace. All such wrong attitudes make down the business and so it is necessary for employer to write a warning letter to the concerned problematic person. Writing warning letter is one the best practices in the HR department of the company / organization.

If the concerned employee is very good in work and worth person for company, it is then recommended that a supervisor or some person from HR department may take to the employee and give a oral warning to him to change the attitude. If the oral attempts did not get success to change the attitude, a formal letter may be sent to him / her. It gives the employee to know his / her bad attitude / behavior.

In most cases, the employer is not giving a chance to an employee before dismissing them. But this warning letter gives a good chance to an employee to correct his / her behavior and to continue his / her good job in the company. So warning letter is the best way to handle the situation. All details about the problem are to be written in the letter so the employee can easily know what the exact reason behind it.

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In this warning letter format, the most important thing is employer should have the record of the warning. Because in future, the employee may say that I did not receive any warning letter. So the warning letter should be signed by employee too and a copy of letter should be sent to the HR department to avoid future problems in this connection.  Let's see here what are the common reasons for which the warning letter is to be written.
1. Arguments with other employee
2. Careless work
3. Missing important meeting without a proper reason
4. Frequent absent

In warning letter, it is very important to note that any previous oral / written warning about employee attitude. If the oral warning was already given, then the employer should mention the date and time and the name of the person who gave the oral warning. It is also important to give a documented evidence for the bad attitude. For example, if the employee is not attending the meeting as expected, the employer should mention the record and the letter should convey clearly the matters.

If the employee is using foul language that is disturbing others in hearing distance, that situations must be mentioned with the name of the employees who complained.

Sample warning letter for attitude problem

Date ___________

Name of the employee
Position in the company

Name of the Sender
Position in the company

Sub: Attitude Problem in the work place

Dear ____________ (Name of the employee)

This is the formal warning letter to you by _______________ (Company name). We already warned you two times orally, one by  _____________ (Name of the person 1) and another by Name of the person 2) from HR. But it is known that there is no reflect from your side. So it is high-time to give a warning letter to you. 

In our office, there were several meetings arranged by your project manager. You were not attending the meetings as expected. This irregularity is of unexpected from you. The two important meetings held ___________ (Date and Time) and _______________ (Date and Time). You dis not give any proper reason for why you did not attend. So through this letter, we warn to change your attitude. If you don't change your attitude, you will be dismissed as per the contract signed by you. We believe, you are the asset to our company and so we expect you will realize your mistake and change your attitude and continue your good job in our company.

Name of the person
For ______ (Company Name)

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Sample early retirement letter format

In thought of leaving your job after worked hard for many years ? Whether you are going to rest of your life with your family or start new venture, whatever may be, you should let your boss know that you are going to retire. You need to write a letter and inform your employer that you are retiring. The retirement will be given as per the company policy and Govt norms. Mostly at the age of 55 to 62, the retirement comes. The age of retirement differs from country to country.

If you are going to retire at the superannuation age (the defined retirement age), then your retirement will automatically come and the employer itself gives you the retirement and there will be no letter request to submit. But if you want early retirement like 5 years before your actual retirement age, then you must surely submit a letter of request stating that you need retirement. Here is a sample format of letter that can be used for writing your retirement letter. Note that, you should write anything bitter experience you had in the company in your letter. That will be unpleasant leaving. Say positively whatever you have achieved.

Even you can help your employer finding a better person for your position that you currently held. Also state your retirement date clearly in the first paragraph of your letter and you can say your reason for your early retirement next to your retirement date. Anything extra can be written in the third paragraph of your letter. Here is a letter format for early retirement that can be submitted to your HR manager or the concerned person who is responsible for.

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One Sample early retirement letter format

Bekanar Michael,
[Position in the company]
[Company Name]
OR [Write your home address like below]
105, Mentyne Ave.
Melbourne 2011.

Date: 18th September 2018

Company /Organisation Name
Address, City,
Zip code, Country.

Sub: Requesting early retirement

Dear Mr.Robert Thomsan (Name of the employer),

I am writing this letter to inform you that my formal retirement from ___________ [Company Name] as ____________ [Your Designation here], effective as of 22nd December 2018

I would like to sincerely thank you for all the great opportunities you have given me as an employee at______________ [Company Name here]. It was really an amazing journey with your all here and I have spent my life here for the past 25 years. I have no words to express my thanks and it is the time to move on to the next phase of my life. I am now at the age of 50. My age restricts me to put hard work like I put before.

If you would like to fill my position with suitable skilled person and I am ready to assist with you within rest of my working days here. I can be reachable at my phone number _____________ [Write your phone number here] and at my email ________________ [Write your email here]. Thank you all once again.

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance during this transition.

Bekanar Michael

Note to Visitors of this website: The above letter format is for sample only. You are required to modify the letter format as per your needs. Thank you for reading a Sample early retirement letter format through us.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Sample Request Letter Format for Advance Salary

Looking for how to write a request letter for asking advance salary in the company / organisation where you work? You will here read as sample letter format for advance salary. Before that know what is advance salary and why it is important.

Advance Salary

Advance salary is the money that can be borrowed from employer on a request from employee. It may be asked at any time by an employee working in a corporate company / organisation / institute. The sanction of advance salary is solely dependent upon the company owner / employer and may be refused by the employer with certain conditions. Some employer may be kind enough to offer advance salary to their employer. Whatever may be, the request must be made through proper channel to reach the employer and for that we have here come up with a sample request letter on how to ask advance salary in a company.

Why Advance Salary is important / necessary

The advance salary is demanded by working professionals to meet their financial situations. There may some urgent finance for a person who work in company for monthly salary. The situation may differ from person to person. If advance salary is offered with some conditions that contains info about how to pay back the borrowed advance salary. The repayment should be done by monthly installment and will usually be deducted from monthly salary. The important benefit of getting advance salary is, it is usually free from interest. Okay, let's see a sample request letter format for getting advance salary from employer below.

Are you looking some other letter format? May be this one? Sample format of Rental Verification Letter

Sample Request Letter Format for Advance Salary

Name of Employee
Address of Employee
City, State, Zip Code


Name of Employer
Address of Employer
City, State, Zip Code

RE: Request for advance of salary

Dear [Name of Employer],
I [Name here] am here working as software engineer in your esteemed concern. I am in need of $2000 urgently to meet my financial situations. You may know that I am building a house presently. It has been 3 months and the cost for building house is going beyond my budget that was planned before building the house. The building engineer said me to arrange $2000 more to finish the house completely. So I have decided to borrow advance salary from you. I have not availed the advance salary facility so far and hence I hereby request to offer the $2000 this month before 30th September 2018 as per the company policy. I am capable of repaying my advance salary with $200 monthly installments so that it will be paid by 10 months. Kindly consider my request and process my advance salary as soon as possible.

Thank you for considering my emergency situation.

Signature of Employee
Printed Name of Employee
List of Enclosures

Note to visitors: The sample contents given above is only for writing a letter format. You may write a letter format like this one explaining your real situations. You are requested to make any changes as per your requirement. Thank you! All the best! Consider sharing this article of letter format on requesting advance salary, among your friends and relatives. Thank you once again!

Friday, September 7, 2018

Sample Rental Verification Letter Format

There are so many situations where rental verification letter is required. You may be in a position submit a rental verification letter as a proof of your residence. The situations differ person to person. If you are required to apply to a state or federal assistance program, then this letter format is a must. In banking sector too, you can show your proof of residence with the rental verification letter obtained from your landlord if you are living in a rental house. The person who lives in rental house is called Tenant and the house owner is called as Landlord. Sometimes, this document can be used for putting admissions in schools or colleges for your children. So it is one of the important document. Here is sample letter format for rental verification letter.

Sample format of Rental Verification Letter

07th September 2018

[Name of the landlord]
[Business name]
[Street address]
[State, Country, Zip Code]

To whom it may concern

Re: [Tenant names and address of Rental property]

This is a reference letter which confirms that John and his wife Juli with their children Michel and Rebacca have been tenants in the above property since 07th August 2015. The rental property is a 2-bedroom apartment.

Their monthly rental is $1200 and John is sincere to pay his rent on time, there is no issue about it. The behavior and characters are good and there is no complaints from neighbours, and the tenants John's family have kept the property and its surrounding area clean and tidy.

I can confirm that the tenants were respectful, friendly and helpful. They made no unreasonable demands or complaints during their tenancy so far. If tenants want to move out from this property, I will do it within 14 days of notice as we agreed in a bond and I will return the bond after that.

You are welcome to contact me on [phone number] and I will happily answer any other questions you may have.

Yours sincerely,
[signature of landlord]
[landlord's name}

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Sample format of letter to get new credit card due to loss of old credit card

Hi, I am Vicky from Madurai, Tamil Nadu. In this letter, I write my own experience regarding the lose of my credit card and What I did after that to get new credit card. How I got my new credit card from the bank where I keep the credit card transactions with my account. The story begins below:

I went to a supermarket in my locality here. I always pay bill using credit card and so I kept my credit card in my purse. I purchased all the grocery and household essentials for me. Finally the bill was made in the super market. At that time, I opened my purse and I was shocked that I did not find my credit card in the purse. Luckily, I had some money in my purse so that I was able to pay my bill in the super market.

In the same day, immediately after reaching my home, I went to bank (SBI where I keep the account) and informed the incident to the bank manager. He asked me to write a letter and submit so that the new credit card will be given to you. I have written the request to block / stop immediately the credit card transaction and give me a new card. Here is the letter format I used. You can use this format for your need if you are required to write a letter like this one for getting new credit card due a loss or theft of your old credit card.

104, East Street,

The bank manager,
SBI, Madurai.

Dear sir,
Sub: Request to block my old credit card and issue me new card - reg
I am one of the customers of SBI here. Today (06th Sept 2018) I have lost my credit card. Hence I request you to block my credit card associated with my current account _______________ [Write account number here] for the security purpose. Also I request you to please issue me new credit card as soon as possible. Thank you!

Yours sincerely,

Date: 06-09-2018
Place: Madurai.

I used the above letter format and requested to block and reissue new credit card. The bank accepted my request and blocked my credit card that was lost. And finally given me a new credit card within 3 days. You may use the above format for your purpose if you have across such situation.

Shift Change Request Letter Format

Are you working in company / firm? Feeling a little bit uncomfortable working hours and really in need of change of your work time in your company? Then you must write a letter and submit it the concerned authority in your company where you employed. This letter is called the shift change request letter which is meant for communication between employee and employer. In the request letter, employee need to bring the actual issue about why and for what purpose the shift change is required. Note that you (as a employee) should not bring any issue about another employee in the request letter you write on. Here is a letter format for changing your shift timing in your working company.

Sample Shift Change Request Letter Format

Employee's Name
Employee's Address
City, State, Zip Code

06th September 2018

Employer's Name
Employer's Address
City, State, Zip Code

Dear ____________ [Write here the employer name]
This is to inform you that I request a change in my shift schedule. Presently my work time here is 2 am to 10 pm. As my son is going to start his schooling from 15th September 2018, I needed to take care of him with preparing breakfast, lunch and most importantly sparing time with him after his arrival from school. It would not be possible if I work here during those time. So I request you to change my working schedule from 9 am to 5 pm so that I can take care of him easily as his school timing is from 8 am to 4 pm. In the evening he will be received by his grandfather and there will be no problem until (5 pm) I go home. I have also discussed this matter with my immediate superior and he said no problem and instructed me to write a shift change request letter. Please accept this letter of request and make a decision to favor me. Thanking you!

I would be happy to meet you and give you any further information if you require and answer questions or discuss alternative solutions you may suggest. I can be reached at my phone number 444-123-4567 and my email address is [Write your own email ID here]

[Employee Signature]
[Employee Printed Name]
List of Enclosures if any [May be recommendation letter from your immediate superior]

Note to visitors: Visitors of this website are requested to make necessary changes in then above letter format while writing a shift change request letter following the above format. Use the format given above as a sample only and use your own particulars in wherever needed.