Friday, January 27, 2017

Sample letter format to lodge a police F.I.R (First Information Report)

Are you confused about how to file an F.I.R (First Information Report) ? The read the below article to know how to write an application letter to lodge a police complaint and related information.

What is F.I.R ? Why it is so important?

F.I.R stands for First Information Report recorded by Police. It may be recorded for any reason. From criminal case to casual loss, am F.I.R is the first step to begin with for legal action. So you must be aware of how to file an F.I.R with your nearest police station. F.I.R can be done for even loss of your important documents like degree certificates, PAN card, Aadhaar card, Voter ID, Driving License, Passport, Patta, Land Registration Certificate, etc. Hence F.I.R becomes most important one to recover your originals / replace them with duplicates. For example, suppose, if you lost your original degree certificates, you can't claim duplicate certificates without F.I.R from your university concerned. Let's us learn here how to approach police station and make a request to file F.I.R for your loss of certificates.

Sample letter format to lodge a police F.I.R for loss of original certificates

Your Name
Your Address
Your Phone Number
Your Email ID

The Superintendent of Police
Address of your local station

Respected Sir,
Sub: Loss of my original degree certificates.
I (your name) am hereby humbly inform you that I have lost my degree certificates while travelling from ___________ (Write the city / village name where you started your journey) to ____________ (Write here the name of village / city to which you ended your journey) by bus. I tried all possible ways to recover them. But could not able to find them till now. So I am reaching out to you to file an F.I.R. I have given a paper advertisement too to find my certificates. I have attached a copy of it here. Please file F.I.R for my loss of certificates (Write certificate numbers using xerox copy or attach them with the letter), which will make me to step forward to claim duplicate certificates from my university. In case, any further details are required from my end, you may please contact me through the phone number given above.

Thanking you!

Yours faithfully,
Your Signature
[Your Name)

1. Xerox copy of certificates
2. Copy of paper advertisement about the loss of certificates

Note: Readers are advised to take this content as a sample format for F.I.R to police. We are not responsible for accurate and reliability of the contents you use by referring our website. Thanks for understanding!

How to Write application letter to file loss of RC book

Situation: You have lost your RC book for your vehicle whether 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler. You want to lodge a complaint letter to the Police. Then how will you write a letter to file F.I.R about loss of your RC book to the Police Station. Below are the contents. We have just given the text of writings after From and To. 

I have lost my RC book for the vehicle number __________ during travelling. I want to file an FIR about my loss of RC book. I have attached the Xerox copy of RC book, driving license and insurance copy for my vehicle. Please consider it as request and file an F.I.R. Also give me a copy of F.I.R. Thank you!

1. Xerox copy of RC book
2. Xerox copy of Driving License
3. Xerox copy of Vehicle Insurance.

How to Write application letter to file F.I.R for loss of Bank Passbook

Situation: Suppose, if you have lost your Bank Passbook and want to make a police complaint. Then how do you write a letter ? Here is the format of letter. From and To is not given here. Refer them in the beginning of this article.

I had bank passbook in Canara bank near my location, _______ (Write location of the bank). I don't know how it was lost by me. I want to file a complaint regarding this. Please take up my request and file a complaint for the same. Thanking you.

Xerox copy of Bank Passbook
Xerox Copy Aadhaar card
Xerox Copy of PAN card.

How to Write application letter to file F.I.R for loss of Voter ID

Situation: If your Voter ID card is lost in somewhere and you want to make a police compliant, then the following letter format will be suitable for you. The subject body of the complaint only is given below. You should write your address in From field and police station address in To field.

My age is 34 as of now. I had valid voter ID card. The ID card was lost while shifting my home last week. I have tried all the way to trace out my Voter ID, but I was unsuccessful in finding it. Hence I want to lodge a police complaint to file F.I.R. Please take necessary steps to find it and give me a copy of FIR. For any more information, I can be reachable at ____________ [Write your phone number here] . Thank you!

Copy of Voter ID
Copy of Aadhaar card