Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sample Letter Format to Bank for Updating Email ID in SB Account

I am here sharing my friend's personnel experience with KVB. She has opened an SB account in Karur Vysya Bank 3 months back. While filling the application form, she didn't give email ID. Usually this bank will give account kit with passbook, cheque leaf, ATM card, ATM PIN number and internet banking User ID and Password. Out of curiosity, she want to use Internet Banking using the user ID and password. But the user ID is disabled and the it has to be activated by sending an email to with a message that Internet Banking user ID and password safely obtained from the bank. Then only they will unlock the feature to use internet banking. The problem here is, she did not give her email ID while opening the account. Only the registered email ID should be used for unlocking the internet banking option. Now she approached the bank and asked bank official to include her email ID. They said, submit a request letter to the bank manager stating that you are going to updated the email ID. Then she submitted the request letter and got activated her Internet Banking feature. So if you are facing such situation, and you don't know how to start writing a letter, then follow the sample letter provided below to updated your email with your bank account.

Sample Letter Format to Updated Email ID

#2, Algar Road,

The Bank Manager,
KVB Madurai,
TN, India.

Respected Sir,
Sub: Request to updated my Email ID with my account...
I (Your Name here) have recently opened SB account with this bank. Unfortunately, I missed out giving my email ID in the account opening form. I realized that I need my email ID registered with the bank to avail the internet banking feature. Due to Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 ban in India, I am willing to do online transaction most of the time to be part of cashless India. So I hereby request you to add/update my Email ID which is given below. 

My Email ID:
My SB account number: 111101000077891

Thanking you!

Yours truly,

Date: 30-11-2016
Place: Madurai

Note: Readers are advised to write their details in appropriate places.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sample letter requesting bank to issue a cheque book

Are you thinking of getting cheque book from your bank? You should probably then submit a request letter to your bank manager. Usually some banks will offer cheque book too along with opening an account and some don't. If you don't posses a cheque book, it is the time for get one so that your transaction will be made easy as you know the India is struggling for cash transaction due to recent ban on Rs.500 and Rs. 1000 notes. So read the letter format provided below and use it for your purpose in getting a cheque book for your SB account. Useful for SBI / Bank of Baroda / IDBI / Central Bank of India / HDFC Bank / City Bank / Axis Bank / Kotak Bank / YES Bank / Punjab National Bank / Dena Bank / Canara Bank / Bank of India / Corporation Bank / Union Bank of India / Andhra Bank / IOB Bank / ICICI Bank / Karur Vysya Bank / TMB / Federal Bank / Indian Bank / RBI, etc account holders.

Manjual K
87, Rajiv Nagar
TN, India

The Bank Manager
TN, India

Sub: Requesting a fresh cheque book

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am here to inform you that I have been maintaining a SB account since last 10 years. I did not avail the cheque book facility so far. As I am very struggling in cash transaction for my business and now require cheque leafs for cashless transactions. Hence I hereby request you to issue me a fresh cheque book with atleast 200 leafs against my SB account number ________________ [Write your full SB A/C number]. I would be grateful if you issue me the same as early as possible.
Yours sincerely,
Manjula K.

Date: 16-11-2016
Place: Tuticorin

N.B: Bank account number, address and other details given here do not exist. Readers are advised to use their own details while using this letter format to request their bank to issue them a cheque book.

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Letter format to bank for changing old 500 and 1000 currency notes

No body expected such announcement will come from the Prime Minister Mr. Modi on 08th November 2016. The present Rs. 500 / 1000 are just termed as an ordinary paper and the people who holds these currency now can exchange them to any bank to get new currency notes (in the denominations of Rs. 500 / Rs. 2000) or to its equivalent valid currencies (such as in the denominations of Rs. 100 / Rs. 50). It is the difficult time for black money holders (money came illegally) and fake currencies. But the people who have legal money are also suffering a lot for this hard decision. They have to approach the bank from 10th November 2016 and handover such old Rs. 500 / Rs. 1000 notes in the bank they wish. The last date to submit them is 30th December 2016. After that, such currencies will no longer accepted in any bank for exchange. So what is more difficulty now the people facing is finding time to approach the bank as they may have their regular day-day activities / work. Bank is also being crowded so that it is the question of how fast they can exchange the old notes. In this connection, those who are going for regular jobs, may seek others help to deposit their old currencies in bank account. But the bank will ask an authorization written by you, in case, other person comes for depositing / exchanging those old currencies in your account. So here is the solution. You need to write a letter authorizing a person to deposit money in your account. Read the sample letter format below.

Letter format Authorize a person for depositing / exchanging old Rs. 500 / Rs.1000 notes

53 Alwar Street,

The Bank Manager,
SBI, Kovilpatti.

Sub: Authorization letter for exchanging old Rs.500 / 1000 notes in my account by other person.

Respected Sir,
I am one of the royal customer of your concerned SBI bank here. I want to surrender all Rs.500/ Rs.1000 notes as per Govt of India announcement. Due to my current job, I am not able to come in person to the bank. So I am authorizing another person named R.Peter on behalf of me to exchange such old notes. Please accept him as authorized person for my account and do the needful. My account details are provided below. Thanking you!
My account number: _____________ (Write full account number here)
My PAN number: ______________ (Write your PAN card number here)

Yours truly,

Date: 10-11-2016
Date: Kovilpatti.

Note: The person you authorize should also keep him identity proof to show in the bank.

P.S: This letter format is sample only. Replace personnel details with your particulars. See below the old Rs. 1000 and Rs. 500 notes of India.

Rs. 500 INR note:

Rs. 1000 INR note:

Monday, November 7, 2016

How to write Authorization Letter to a Bank

What Authorization Letter is?

First of all, you should know what is Authorization Letter. A letter given on behalf of you with your knowledge is termed as Authorization Letter. This letter can be used for various reasons and for various situations. Suppose consider this situation. "You want to open a SB account in any bank. You are approaching bank and submit application letter for opening the account. The official of the bank says that your Bank Passbook, ATM card, ATM card PIN, Internet Banking User Name, Password will be delivered to you after 02 days. But you are in a position to collect the kit on that day because of your other appointment on that day. So you want to collect it by one of your family members."

In this situation, the bank will NOT simply handover your account kit to other persons even if they are your blood-related. So the Bank Manager will ask you to submit an Authorization Letter through the Person who is coming for collecting you SB account kit. Hence you are required to write Authorization Letter and handover to a person you believe for collecting it on behalf of you. Use the sample letter given below to write Authorization Letter.

Sample Format of Letter of Authorization Letter to a Bank for SB account

93, Karisalkulam,
Vijayapuri (PO0,

The Bank Manager,
The Karur Vysya Bank,

Respected Sir / Madam,
Sub: Authorization Letter for collection my SB account (New) kit by other person
This is to inform you that I have submitted an application form to open my SB account with your bank. It is said that my account kit containing Bank Passbook, ATM cum Debit card, ATM PIN, Internet Banking User ID and Password after 02 days on 09th Nov 2016. But I will not available on that day to collect the kit. Hence I authorize my brother (Write name here) to collect it upon receiving this letter. Thanking you!

Yours truly,

Date: 07th Nov 2016
Place: Kovilpatti.