Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Sample Letter to Remove Items from Credit Report

Are you looking for how to write a letter to Credit Bureau to remove an item from your credit report? Take a help here by looking at the sample letter format written for you. If you have receiving late payment credit entry in your report, but you have done the payment on time, it will create problem when estimating your credit for some other purposes like getting loans, to get insurance, getting a facility such as cable TV, internet, utility, or cell phone service. So proper credit report is essential for everyone.

You may also hire a credit repair company to inspect your credit report if you have so many items recorded in your report and could not able to find out bad or late credit yourself. It will be good if you have done it yourself and you can directly report to your credit reporting agency to correct report. You have to submit your issue with a letter detailing what item is to be removed from your report. Here is a letter format for the same.

Sample Letter Format to Remove Items from Credit Report

Albert Nova
City, State, Zip Code

09 / 26 / 2018

Name of the Credit Bureau
Dispute Investigation Department
Credit Bureau Address
City, State, Zip Code

To Whom It May Concern:

I, Albert Nova myself have reviewed my credit report and I have observed that a late payment credit and so I dispute here the late payment claim. I have attached my credit report with the disputed item highlighted with a square.

The item indicated in square is an incorrect late payment claim from ________________ [Write here the name of the source]. I am sure that the payment for this item was made on time and I have attached a photocopy of my receipt of payment. Hence I kindly request you to remove this inaccurate information from my credit report.

I have also attached the proof of my identity (copy of my driving license). Please re-investigate this late payment claim and remove it from my credit record. 

Albert Nova

List of enclosures:
1. Copy of my credit report
2. Copy of receipt of payment for the disputed item
3. Copy of driving license

Note: Make sure that all enclosures should be of copies only, NOT original. Readers are advised to make any changes when they deem fit in the above format for removing items from Credit Report. The above format is for sample usage only.