Monday, September 25, 2017

Letter format to update PAN card with bank

One of our friend called us and asked how to link his PAN card with his bank account. We advised him to approach the bank directly and give a request letter to add his PAN card number with his account number. His problem is how to write a letter. He don't know how to and where to start writing. Then we told him to visit our website and find the post titled Letter format to update PAN card with bank. He then used this letter format and wrote beautiful letter and submitted the written letter and successfully registered his PAN with his bank account number. If you are in such a situation, then you are the right place to follow up this letter format for your use in bank.

Sample letter format to update PAN card with bank

79, Maraimalai Nagar,
Chengalpattu, TN, India.

The Bank Manager,
SBI, Maraimalai Nagar,
Chengalpattu, TN, India.

Subject: Request to update my PAN with account number

Dear Sir / Madam,
I am your honest customer since last 7 years. I have not done the linking of my PAN with account number bearing _______________ [Write the account number here] . As the Govt of India directions, I want to keep updated my bank account details here. So I humbly request you to add my PAN ______________ [write the PAN card number here] with my account. I have attached the copy of my PAN card with this letter. Thanking you!

Yours faithfully,
Date: 25th September 2017
Place: Maraimalai Nagar.

Copy of PAN card

P.S: You are required to use this letter format as a sample only. You are not encouraged to publish the contents anywhere in the internet without our permission. However, you may send link to others if they want to read the contents.

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