Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Sample email marriage invitation letter format

The biggest occasion of your life will be the marriage. If you have planned to have a marriage, then first and most important thing is, the sending of your marriage invitation. Though the printed invitation card is effective, still the email invitation is required for sending invitation to your friends and colleagues who are far distance from you. Here is the sample email invitation letter format for the same.

Dear friends,
I am very much pleased to inform you that I am going to get married. I invite you all and your family for my wedding occasion on __________ [Write the date and time of your marriage here]. Your presence on my happy moment is most important for me and don't forget to come over here to bless me and my spouse. I can be reached through my mobile __________ [write your mobile number]. I am expecting your glorious presence on that day!!! Also find my invitation card in the attachment.

With love,
Your friend,