Saturday, September 2, 2017

I forgot my ATM PIN SBI. What do I do ?

If you are SBI card holder and forget your ATM PIN unfortunately, then you must get new ATM PIN or reset your PIN. If you are confused about how you do it, then this article will guide you. Go through the step by step instructions provided here and reset your ATM PIN.

The 5 methods of resetting your ATM password / PIN in SBI:

Several banks follow different methods to get new ATM PIN. As SBI is crowded with many customers, we are here provided the possible ways to reset the PIN. In SBI, there are 5 methods to get ATM PIN if you forget the current PIN. They are:
1. Through Online SBI website
2. Through IVRS
3. Through ATM
4. Through SMS
5. Through SBI Branch
We will explain each method one by one.,

Resetting ATM PIN through online SBI website:

You should have internet banking activated already for doing this method of reset. If you don't have internet banking, then it is not possible to do reset using method . Then you should go other methods. Here is the instruction for those who are having internet banking with SBI.
  • Go to and login with your user name and password.
  • After successful login, go to e-Services ->ATM Card Services -> ATM PIN Generation and follow the instructions comes in the screen. You should have registered mobile to get your ATM PIN and OPT messages.

Resetting ATM PIN through IVRS:

  • Dial to  1800 11 2211 or 1800 425 3800 and select option 2 there
  • Enter your 16 digit Debit card number
  • Enter your SBI account number
  • You will get OTP and enter your OTP to reset your ATM PIN
  • You can now change your ATM PIN to new PIN

Resetting ATM PIN through any SBI ATM machine:

  • Go any SBI ATM centre
  • Insert your ATM card / Debit Card
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to reset your PIN

Resetting ATM PIN through SMS:

This methods will be easy and fast method. Just send an SMS in the following format to the number 567676
XXXX are the last 4 digits of your State Bank Debit Card
AAAA are the last 4 digits of your Account number.
Example: PIN 6745 7598

Resetting ATM PIN through SBI branch:

If you still find difficult to get new PIN, you can approach your bank where your account is, and submit a request letter stating that you forget your ATM PIN. Read the sample letter format to write a request letter to get new ATM PIN in SBI . This letter format can be used for any other branch if they ask you to submit a letter of request.