Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sample Letter format to bank for activating internet banking

Would like to activate net banking for your SB account? You must request through a letter to your bank manager to activate / start net banking facility. Read this article to know how to do it.

Why net banking is important ?

Present days, many people find easy and fast method of money transaction through net banking facility offered by their concerned bank. Apart from the fast and easy transaction, you can have full control over how your money comes and goes out of your account. You can see last 5 transaction, entire account statement, etc if you have internet banking activated for your account. Also the online shopping made easy with the internet banking facility. Booking bus ticket, flight ticket, train ticket, online bill payment, recharge, electricity bill payment, and everything will be done with ease and take only few minutes so that you can save plenty of time in your life. So if you don't have the internet banking, it is the right time to approach your bank and ask what do to. If they ask a request letter fom you, then you should take a plain paper and start writing your letter. Most of the bank will have some template form where you have to enter the particulars asked there. Still some bank like IOB / TMB, asks customer to submit a written request letter. If you are the one fall under such situation then use the following sample letter format to write your letter for you.

Sample Letter format to bank to activate internet banking

#114, Alwar Street,

The Bank Manager
Indian Overseas Bank

Sub: Requestion to issue internet banking service for my account

Dear Sir / Madam,
I am your customer since last 7 years. When I opened my account with this bank IOB, I did not apply for internet banking for my account. These days, I am finding much difficult to transfer money to others. Also I need to do a lot of purchase online. So I thought of having internet banking facility for me. Hence I kindly request you to activate internet banking against my account. My account number is ____________________ [Write your account number here]. I have attached the identity and address proof with this letter. Thanking you!

User name option 1: marina2010
User name option 2: marina2012
User name option 3: marina2017

Yours truly,

Date: _________
Place: _________

Note: In From and To field, you must use your own details to make this letter format suitable for you.

Hope you have understood how to draft a letter for activating internet bank facility. Is this letter helpful? Then write a comment below for what did you do to activate internet bank for you as a personnel experience. You can also ask us any query if you have in your mind.