Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Lease extension letter format

Lease means a contract by which one party conveys land, property, services, etc to another party for a specified time usually in return for a periodic payment. In this lease, a specific period is mentioned and the tenant should return that property to the landlord when the specific time is over. Sometime, the lease may be extended by the wish of landlord or tenant.

The landlord or tenant, whoever, to extend the lease might write a letter and tell the terms and conditions regarding the rent and extension time. If the landlord wants to extend the lease, he will give the extended time period, the rise or same rent and may give some extra conditions such as not allowance of pets, etc.

If the tenant wish to extend the lease period, he will then write the letter to the landlord by polite and good way. He will request the landlord to extend the lease so that only the landlord will accept the extension. Otherwise, the extension letter will be rejected by the landlord if he is not interested to continue the agreement.

The extension letter must be written atleast 30 days before the expiry date of lease. But writing the lease extension letter before 60 days is very much better, why because the changes sometimes were made in the letter based on the wishes of both tenant and landlord. Learn below the sample letter format for the same.

Sample lease letter format to tenant from landlord

Name of the landlord
Address of the landlord
City, State with Zipcode


Name of the tenant
Address of the tenant
City, State with Zipcode

Sub: Extension letter of notification for lease property

Dear tenant, _________ (Write the name of the tenant here),
Your lease agreement for the house property (Reference No: __________) will expire in 3 months. I wish to offer now a chance to you to extend the time period for further 2 years. In this extension time, you have to pay extra $10 per month. It is a good chance to you to avail this opportunity. If you are not comfortable with new rent, you can contact me via phone number __________ or though email ____________. We can discuss and come to a concluded rent. I believe that you will accept this extension agreement with new rent. Awaiting for your acceptance or whatever else.

Yours truly,
Signature of the landlord
Printed Name of the Landlord.

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