Wednesday, November 1, 2017

How to link Aadhaar card with your bank account

My grandmother is having an SB account with TMB. She has received a letter from bank to link her Aadhaar number with her account. She then immediately went to the bank and asked for more details. The bank manager has told that fill the consent letter format mentioning the aadhaar number and submit it along with a xerox copy of aadhaar card. She has done the needful and her bank account was successfully linked with her aadhaar. Here is the what she got from bank and her written request consent letter submitted to the bank.

Letter from TMB to link Aadhaar card with bank account

Date: 13th October 2017

Mrs.Ranjitham J
105A East Street
Sivanthipatti & Karisalkulam
Kovilpatti - 628502

Dear Sir / Madam,
Sub: Request to submit copy of Aadhaar and consent letter - reg
Ref: Your SB account with our bank and your customer ID No. 29XXXXX with us

As per the directions from Government of India, every customer account with any bank, should be linked with Aadhaar number of the respective customer after verifying through Aadhaar authentication before 31st December 2017, failing which the account will cease to be operational till the time the Aadhaar number and consent letter are submitted by the customer.

Hence, we request you to submit a copy of your Aadhaar card along with a duly signed consent letter as per format enclosed to our nearest branch in person or by speed post to our branch as per your convenience before 30-9-2017. 

If you do not submit your aadhaar number and consent letter with our bank on or before 31st December 2017, then we will be forced to freeze your account as per Government direction.

Hence, we request you to submit your aadhaar copy and duly signed consent letter to our nearest branch for aadhaar authentication without fail.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
Branch Head

1. In case of joint SB account, both aadhaar and consent letter for aadhaar authentication are to be submitted for all the joint account holders.
2. In case of SB account in the name of trust / society / association / HUF / Institution, both aadhaar and consent letter for aadhaar authentication are to be submitted for all the trustees / officer bearers / authorized signatories / HUF members as applicable to the respective constitutions.

Now what she has done is just submitted the copy of her aadhaar card and consent letter format given the bank. She filled up the form and put signature and submitted both copy of aadhaar and duly sined filled-in consent letter. Her account was successfully linked.

If you received this type of letter from your concerned bank, the you should follow the bank instructions to what to do. The above procedure will be very much useful for those who is having their account with TMB. Thank you for reading this article! You can comment below for any queries and suggestions.

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