Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sample letter of leave application due to illness

One of the school going students in our city approached us and asked how to write a leave letter to her school Principal for not attending the exam due to illness. We advised her to refer some model letters in internet and write clearly what you are going to tell. As the leave has been taken without prior permission due to unexpected illness  and it was already taken, we told her to use past tense in his leave letter writing. She searched in internet and told us no useful information got from the internet. Then we have decided to draft a beautiful letter in our website itself, that is www.howtoletter.com . You may find this sample format of leave application below and write your own application to your school Principal or College Principal.

Sample letter of leave application due to illness or urgent work in home

8th Standard
SSM School
TN, India

The Principal
SSM School
TN, India

Subject: Leave letter application due to illness
Respected sir /  madam,
Myself N.Maithili studying 8th standard. I was unable to attend this month exams due to sudden illness. I was severely suffering from stomach pain . Doctor advised me to take complete rest for 4 days and hence not able to come to school for writing my exams from 30th November 2017 to 01st, 02nd and 04th December 2017. Please excuse me and consider my absence as leave. I have attached the medical certificate with this letter for your ready reference. Thanking you!

Yours obediently,

Parent's Signature

Date: 05th December 2017
Place: Dindigul

Encl: Copy of medical certificate

P.S: Have you found this letter format useful for writing your leave letter due to illness or urgent work at home or any other reason. You need to modify if your reason is different from the one given here. If you have used any other reason and written your letter, you may let us know it through your comment below. Thank you!