Thursday, September 7, 2017

How to write a letter to your father for money order

Gone are the days asking father to send money through letter. In olden and golden days, the only communication was through the letter and it took more time. Now-a-days, life is easy with the technological improvements. These days bring the feel of closeness of lives even though they are far distance. So nobody will like to write a letter to get money from their father. However, in school and college studies, the learning of letter and letter formats is carried out. As a part of the curriculum and Syllabus, the question like how to write a letter to your father for money order arises. Though it is not in real time present days, it is important to learn it as a part of their study. And hence, the search for how to write letter to father asking some money to buy books, pay fees, pay mess fess, exam fees are done over internet. So we have here came up with a sample letter format for the same. Find below the required model letter for the purpose of demo and study.

Sample letter format to father asking to send money by money order

Date: 07th September 2017

Dear Father,
I am your son, J.Prakash writing you this letter. I am fine. How are you father. It has been 2 months since I talked with you. How is my mother and younger sister. Hope they are good. I am comfortable with the hostel stay here. I am alright here. I am extremely satisfied with the new environment both in academic and personnel. Dear father, I am in need of some money to buy study / book materials, exam fees, hostel mess fees and for my daily needs. The amount required for now is Rs.5000/- . So I kindly request you father send Rs.5000/- through money order to my college / school hostel address. Please send it within 10 days. Thanks my dear father!

Yours lovingly

Note to Visitors: The above is sample letter format only. The contents provided may be required to be modified according to your need and situations.

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