Monday, September 11, 2017

Sample letter to an editor of a newspaper to complain about noise pollution

Wondering how to write a letter to editor of a newspaper to register a compliant against noise pollution in your area ? Here is the format of letter written for a demo purpose. Read the article illustrated below.

Why to write to an editor of newspaper?

You may think that what is the necessity to write a letter to newspaper. The thing is, it is the powerful tool to get attention of the higher authorities to control over the noise pollution. Every newspaper makes a column for people voice. If anything which needs urgent attention, then people may use those place to put their concern. If you are about to complain, then it is good decision to forward your letter of complaint to the newspaper concerned. Here is the letter format for complaining about noise pollution. In Anna University Syllabus too, the question on letter writing is often asked. In 2012 exam, the following question was asked.

"Write a letter to the Editor of 'The Hindu Newspaper', Chennai, complaining of noise pollution as there are many theatres, community halls with loudspeakers in locality."

Sample letter to editor of newspaper complaining noise pollution 

The Editor
The Hindu

Date: 11th September 2017

Dear Sir,

Sub: Complaining about noise pollution

On behalf of the people of Guindy, I would like to bring to light, the nuisance caused by jarring sounds. I kindly request you to publish the news given below in your daily for finding remedial action as soon as possible.

Noise Pollution - A threat

I would like bring the noise pollution created in our area to your kind attention. The people in our locality are often got irritated by the jarring loudspeakers all the time from the different marriage halls and the theatres. All the time, the marriage halls are busy with various functions. Also all the social, cultural and political meetings are conducted there with the use of loud speakers. Due to the high volume of sound, the school children, patients in hospitals, heart diseased people and the old age people are facing difficulty even during night. So we are expecting a remedial action immediately.

Thank you,
Yours faithfully,
[Your Name]