Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sample letter to bank for SMS alert service

Would like to know your transaction details through SMS? You should then have activated SMS alert service from the Bank to which your account is associated. If you don't have SMS alert service enabled, then you should inform your bank through a request letter to activate the same.

Why do you need SMS alert service?

Most of us don't care about the filling SMS alert details in the application form while account opening or you bank hadn't this SMS service when you opening the account. Whatever may the reason, the SMS alert service is very important in the present scenario. In what ways it may be helpful? For example, if some one sends you money, then you can get an SMS alert that your the money is credited to your account. This will avoid unnecessary checking of your balance through ATM or bank statement. So you saves time and effort. For advanced users, it may help more. For example, if you want to use the bank android app for IMPS / NEFT transaction, you need to register your mobile number for the sake of authenticity. It will help you do online transaction easily. Hence If you don't have such facility yet, then it is the time for you to update your mobile number for activating SMS alert service from the bank. Use the letter format provided below to write a request letter and submit it the bank manager for the service enabled as soon as possible.

How to write letter to bank for SMS alert service?

J. Alagar,
34, Urani Street,
TN, India.

The Bank Manager,
Canara Bank,
TN, India.

Respected sir / madam,
Sub: Requisition to activate SMS alert service
I am hereby submitting this letter to inform you that I have not associated my mobile number with the SB account here. I want to get the SMS alert service now. So I am requesting you to provide this facility so that I can do various online transaction / get updates related to my bank account activity. Please give the service enabled as soon as possible for this number _______________ (Write your 10 digit mobile number).
Thanking you!

Yours sincerely,
J. Alagar.

Date: 08th December 2016
Place: Tirunelveli.

Note: The address and other details given above does not exist. They are used only for the purpose of writing this letter. You are requested to replace them with your own. Thanks for reading. If you have any doubt regarding this SMS service request letter format, you can ask us in the comment section provided below.