Monday, January 29, 2018

Sample of warning letter for late attendance

Late coming to office or late coming to schools / colleges are not encouraged by employer / the head of schools or colleges. Hence the authorities will ask explanation on why the late occurred. In some cases, they will send a warning letter to the concerned person. Of course, every company / office / institutes have their set of rules and regulations. There may some fluctuations for accepting late. For example, a 10 minutes late twice a month will be accepted as the particular office rules and regulations. After that, it will not be allowed and a serious warning letter may be given to the persons who came late. The set of rules and regulations may vary from organisation to organization. The late coming may lead to even termination of the employee in a company or office. If you are the organization and want to give a warning letter to your employees, you may refer the following sample format of warning letter to frame your own letter. Here is the go! Please read on

On the other hand, if you are under an organization and want to eagerly see how a warning letter for late attendance will be, you may also refer this letter of late attendance provided here under.

Sample of warning letter for late attendance - Model Letter Format

Name of Employer
Name of Company or Business
Address of Business
City, State, Zip Code


Employee Name
The Positions Hold by Employee in the Business (Ex: Senior Engineer or Junior Engineer)
Address of Employee (Home Address of the Employee)
City, State, Zip Code

Subject: Formal Warning Letter

Dear <Name of Employee>:
It has been noticed that you have been late to your job without receiving prior permission from your supervisor on ______ and ________. And you are taking this after availing the allowable late as per the company norms. If your lateness continue without prior permission, you are behaving irresponsibly and opening yourself to disciplinary action.

So you are hereby warned not to continue this inappropriate behavior in the future. If you do, you shall invoke the appropriate disciplinary action.  The management hereby would like to request you to submit a written explanation for lateness within two working days of receiving this letter. Kindly treat this as an urgent matter.

Signature of Employer
Printed Name of Employer
Name of Company or Business

Place: <Place where the letter has been written>

cc to:

Note: Please take the above letter for a sample only. You may modify the contents part according to your requirements.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Letter format to EB office for irregular supply of electricity

Facing electricity breakdown often? Want to make a complaint by forwarding the issue to electricity board? Here is a sample / model letter format that can be used for writing your issue about shortage of electricity supply or letter on frequent breakdown of electricity. Learn more from the article written below.

Sample letter format to EB office for irregular supply of electricity / letter on frequent breakdown of electricity

Your Name
Your Full Address

The Chief Engineer
Electricity Board
Address of EB Office

Date: 27th January 2018

Sub: Request to rectify the short supply / irregular supply of electricity

Dear Sir / Madam,
I am living in the above address. In my area, the supply of electricity is often disturbed due to various reasons. Our area people face a lot of difficulty as the electricity is unexpectedly cut down. So hereby I request you take up this issue and make the power supply in proper way. I hope you will take immediate action on this. 
Thanking you!

Yours truly
[Your Signature]
Your Name

Note: You have to use your own particulars at the places where ever required in the letter format provided above. Use this sample format as a model only. You may need to specify more details based on your complaint / issue. Thanks for understanding! You may keep sharing this letter to your friends or relatives who needed a sample format of letter.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

How to fill SBI Pay In Slip

If you don't know how to fill up SBI Pay In Slip or cash withdrawal slip, here is a guide to learn how can you fill that form. In the withdrawal slip, you have to fill up all details and put your signature as it is in the bank record. You need to submit your passbook too along with pay-in slip / withdrawal slip so that your cash will be given to you. So please don't forget to carry your passbook along with when you go to the bank. Here are the steps you have you have to follow for filling up the SBI withdrawal slip form.

1. Branch: You have to write your SBI branch here. Suppose, if it is Kovilpatti, You have to write it in the appropriate place.
2. Date: You have to write the current date / date of withdrawal here. For example, 24 / 01 / 2018
3. Account Number: Write your full account number here. You have to carefully write your number in the box provided. One number should be written in one box. If you don't remember your account number, see your passbook to avoid mistakes.
4. Please pay self / ourselves Rs. ___________ (Rupees_____________________________ )
Here you have to tick whether it is self or ourselves. Self is meant for Single Account holder and ourselves is meant for joint account holders. Write the amount in digit and in words also. If it is Rs.2000/- then write first 2000 and the write Two Thousand only
5. Phone / Mobile Number: You have to write here your mobile number. Better to write the registered mobile number and active mobile number.
6. Signature (s) of the account holder (s) _____________: Here put your signature. If it is joint account holder, all members of joint account should sign here.

There will be a section for Office Use. You should NOT write anything here. This is for SBI bank officers only. They will fill-up and and process your slip to withdraw the amount you mentioned. You have to fill the form as instructed and submit to the bank officer. You will be given a token as the application received. You will be given your cash when your turn comes. Thank you!

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Friday, January 19, 2018

Sample Republic Day 2018 Speech in English

Would like to refer sample republic day speech for upcoming republic day on 26th January 2018? Here is a sample speech drafted for you. You may use this speech in your school or college or university or office or public meeting where the celebration of republic day is to be held. First of all, You should know clearly what is republic day and what is independence day.
Independence Day- The day (15th August 1947) India got freedom from the British ruling
Republic Day- The day (26th January 1950) India has set up its own Government to rule.
So it took approximately 3 years to frame the rules and regulations. Now we will the sample speech as described below.

Sample / Model / Example Republic Day 2018 Speech in English for Schools / Colleges / Universities / Offices

Respected Principal / Headmasters, Teachers and my dear friends,
A very good morning to one and all. We have gathered here today (26th January 2018) on the occasion of India's 69th Republic Day since 1950. First of all, I would like to thank our college / school management for offering me an opportunity to deliver a speech about our great and beloved country.

India has got Independence from the British ruling on 15th August 1947. Then it took three years to make our own Constitution. India's Constitution is the world's largest written one. Dr.B.R.Ambedkar made a great contribution to frame our constitution. On 26th January 1950, our constitution came into force. So officially, this the first day for India to be under own ruling and no British ruling. This is called our Republic Day. This day the constitution of India gave the supreme power to the people of India. So the dream of ruling themselves came true on this day. 

According to our constitution, any person can become leader in India. This should be done through voting system. For that, the election commission was set up on this day itself. The process of electing representatives every five years to the Lok Sabha and State Vidhan Sabhas started. The political party who win the majority of seats in Lok Sabha election will form the Government at the centre and the members of the such party (MP) will then select their leader as Prime Minister. Similarly, the majority party in Vidhan Sabhas will rule the state and the members (MLA) will select the Chief Minister. Both MP and MLA will select the President who is the constitutional  head of India.

Any person who have reached 18 years of age can be allowed to vote in elections. As we are under 18 (school students), we can't vote until we finish up the schooling. However, we may get the chance to vote during our college life, if election comes during those days. So we must know how the administration of our local bodies, states and the country is on the run. We can refer so many books in our library to know all thinks about our India. We can also get opt guidance from our beloved teachers. So we should proud of this day 26th January 2018, a very happy republic day. Thank you all!   

You can also watch this related video about Republic Day Speech 2018 in English:

Sample letter to book publisher to send catelogue / order books

Are you looking for how you can write a formal letter to any book publisher? Whether it is ordering a particular book or requesting a catelogue containing complete list of books with prices, you may use the following sample letter format. The letter is written for issuing a catelogue from book publisher. Please follow the format and write a meaningful letter.

Sample letter / Model Letter / Format of Letter to book publisher to send catelogue / order books

345, 7th Cross Street,
Madurai-2, TN, India

The Manager
Kanna Publisher
Chennai-3, TN, India

Date: 19th January 2018

Sub: Requesting to send a catelogue for ordering some books from your publications.

Dear sir,
I am Yaswanth, one of the keen reader of books from your publishers. I will always give preference to order in your publications and then go for other publishers if the particular book I am searching for, is not available with your store. I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering, II year, 4th Semester under Anna University. I request you to send the catelogue for all available books with price for Semester 4 and upcoming years also. I am particularly looking for a book Dynamics of Machinery which is not well presented in other publications in my point of view. Please send the catelogue to my address mentioned above and then I will take action on purchasing. Thanking you!

Yours truly,

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Sample letter to bank for linking Aadhaar card with Credit Card

Aadhaar is slowly made compulsory for everywhere. As it is a solid proof of an individual and no fraud can be done using Aadhaar, it is turned a huge evolution these days. Government of India has already said that without linking aadhaar with bank, the bank account will no longer valid. Of course, the work is yet completed and thus upto 31st March 2018, the validity is there. Linking the aadhaar number with PAN card, debit card, credit card, etc is made mandatory now. So if you want to link your adhar number with your credit card, you must approach your bank where you maintain your account and request bank manager to link your credit card with your aadhaar card (12 digit number). If your bank manager asked you to write a request letter to link, then you must submit a written statement as a request. Here is a sample letter format for the same.

Model / Sample / Example letter format to link Aadhaar card with Credit Card

R. Reenu
83, Mangalam Street
Salem, TN, India

The Bank Manager
Salem-2. TN, India

Dear Sir,
Sub: Request to link my aadhaar number with my credit card
As you know I am one of your customer in your concerned bank here. I have obtained a credit card, No. ______________ (Write your 16 digit number here) few years back. I want to link my aadhar card with my credit card. Please accept this as request and do the needful as soon as possible. My aadhaar card number is xxxx xxxx xxxx (Replace xxxx with your aadhaar card number) . I have also attached the copy of my aadhaar card and credit card / passbook. Thanking you!

Yours truly,

Date: 09th January 2018
Place: Salem

Note to visitors: Please use this sample letter as a template for your writing your letter. Replace the particulars where ever you need. Thank you!

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