Thursday, September 20, 2018

Writing strong warning letter for attitude problem

In work place, there are several employee working together. There may be some attitude problems that arise often between co-workers in an organization. The attitude problem spoils the workplace. All such wrong attitudes make down the business and so it is necessary for employer to write a warning letter to the concerned problematic person. Writing warning letter is one the best practices in the HR department of the company / organization.

If the concerned employee is very good in work and worth person for company, it is then recommended that a supervisor or some person from HR department may take to the employee and give a oral warning to him to change the attitude. If the oral attempts did not get success to change the attitude, a formal letter may be sent to him / her. It gives the employee to know his / her bad attitude / behavior.

In most cases, the employer is not giving a chance to an employee before dismissing them. But this warning letter gives a good chance to an employee to correct his / her behavior and to continue his / her good job in the company. So warning letter is the best way to handle the situation. All details about the problem are to be written in the letter so the employee can easily know what the exact reason behind it.

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In this warning letter format, the most important thing is employer should have the record of the warning. Because in future, the employee may say that I did not receive any warning letter. So the warning letter should be signed by employee too and a copy of letter should be sent to the HR department to avoid future problems in this connection.  Let's see here what are the common reasons for which the warning letter is to be written.
1. Arguments with other employee
2. Careless work
3. Missing important meeting without a proper reason
4. Frequent absent

In warning letter, it is very important to note that any previous oral / written warning about employee attitude. If the oral warning was already given, then the employer should mention the date and time and the name of the person who gave the oral warning. It is also important to give a documented evidence for the bad attitude. For example, if the employee is not attending the meeting as expected, the employer should mention the record and the letter should convey clearly the matters.

If the employee is using foul language that is disturbing others in hearing distance, that situations must be mentioned with the name of the employees who complained.

Sample warning letter for attitude problem

Date ___________

Name of the employee
Position in the company

Name of the Sender
Position in the company

Sub: Attitude Problem in the work place

Dear ____________ (Name of the employee)

This is the formal warning letter to you by _______________ (Company name). We already warned you two times orally, one by  _____________ (Name of the person 1) and another by Name of the person 2) from HR. But it is known that there is no reflect from your side. So it is high-time to give a warning letter to you. 

In our office, there were several meetings arranged by your project manager. You were not attending the meetings as expected. This irregularity is of unexpected from you. The two important meetings held ___________ (Date and Time) and _______________ (Date and Time). You dis not give any proper reason for why you did not attend. So through this letter, we warn to change your attitude. If you don't change your attitude, you will be dismissed as per the contract signed by you. We believe, you are the asset to our company and so we expect you will realize your mistake and change your attitude and continue your good job in our company.

Name of the person
For ______ (Company Name)