Saturday, July 15, 2017

How to write a letter to Principal for School / College fee exemption

Searching for how to write a letter to Principal for School / College fee exemption? Definitely this letter format will help you write a good letter. Read on!

Many students are struggling to pay school fees or college fee due their poor economic background. Though there are several scholarship offer from Govt organisations, they are very low when compared to the total fee spent by a student in a school or college. Private schools and colleges are collecting huge fees and thus economically very poor students find it very difficult to pay their due in time. Some institutions may reduce / exempt full fee after considering the academically excellent students. In such a case, a format request letter should be submitted to head of the institutions, may be Principal / Correspondent / Director / Secretary / Chairman. Read here how to submit a request letter for school or college fee exemption.
Student Name,
Department / Class,
Register number,
School / College Name

The Principal
School / College Name

Respected sir,
Sub: Requesting to reduce / exempt my tuition fee for the academic year 2017-18
I am studying in the _____________ [class of school or department of the college] . My father is working in a private concern where the monthly salary is very low. It is very much difficult for our family to run with this income. This year, I am not able to pay my full fee on time. So I kindly request you to exempt my fee or reduce considerably. I have attached my father's income certificate, BPL (Below Poverty Line) card and my mark cards of last year / last semester. Awaiting your favorable response. Thanking you!

Income Certificate (Original)
Copy of BPL card
Copy of mark cards

Yours obediently,
Name of the student

Date: 15th July 2017
Place: __________

Note: In some cases, the parent of the student required to submit the request letter to the Principal for School / College fee exemption. For such case, modify the letter format accordingly.