Sunday, September 23, 2018

Sample letter for refund of money from college

This is the sample letter for refund of money from college. In this Sample letter, the letter must be sent by certified email, So only the sender has a very clear proof of his date and time the letter sent and received. Any attachments regarding the refund should be copies of documents and should not have original documents.

If any situation like medical treatments, unexpected accidents, the sender should mention the correct reason behind it and also must attach the medical condition certified by doctor

Sample letter format for refund of money from college

Requester's Name
Requester's Address
zip code

Financial services
University name
city state zipcode

Dear sir
Sub: Request of refund for discontinue of course
I am the student of the _______________ [name of university]. My admission was made on ____________ [Date] in the Computer Management course. By this letter I request you to refund my tuition fees of $500. According to the policies for refund mentioned in the student manual, the full refund will be granted if the student discontinue from the course within 8 weeks from the beginning of the course. You can see my admission date. I am within the limit. The reason for the discontinuing the course is because of a urgent medical treatment. I met a car accident. In that accident my hands were fractured and I will be undergoing the treatment for the broken hands for the next 10 weeks. So I will not able to attend the class and continue my course.

I enclosed a letter from my Doctor __________ [name here] as well as copy of the medical records. So please consider my refund and initiate refund as soon as possible

Requester's Printed Name

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Hello !
I requested to you make a letter, about administration fees and donation
I got a another college due to my marks , that's Y , I'm leaving this college ..
Please refund my admission fees and donation ..