Saturday, September 15, 2018

Sample Request Letter Format for Advance Salary

Looking for how to write a request letter for asking advance salary in the company / organisation where you work? You will here read as sample letter format for advance salary. Before that know what is advance salary and why it is important.

Advance Salary

Advance salary is the money that can be borrowed from employer on a request from employee. It may be asked at any time by an employee working in a corporate company / organisation / institute. The sanction of advance salary is solely dependent upon the company owner / employer and may be refused by the employer with certain conditions. Some employer may be kind enough to offer advance salary to their employer. Whatever may be, the request must be made through proper channel to reach the employer and for that we have here come up with a sample request letter on how to ask advance salary in a company.

Why Advance Salary is important / necessary

The advance salary is demanded by working professionals to meet their financial situations. There may some urgent finance for a person who work in company for monthly salary. The situation may differ from person to person. If advance salary is offered with some conditions that contains info about how to pay back the borrowed advance salary. The repayment should be done by monthly installment and will usually be deducted from monthly salary. The important benefit of getting advance salary is, it is usually free from interest. Okay, let's see a sample request letter format for getting advance salary from employer below.

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Sample Request Letter Format for Advance Salary

Name of Employee
Address of Employee
City, State, Zip Code


Name of Employer
Address of Employer
City, State, Zip Code

RE: Request for advance of salary

Dear [Name of Employer],
I [Name here] am here working as software engineer in your esteemed concern. I am in need of $2000 urgently to meet my financial situations. You may know that I am building a house presently. It has been 3 months and the cost for building house is going beyond my budget that was planned before building the house. The building engineer said me to arrange $2000 more to finish the house completely. So I have decided to borrow advance salary from you. I have not availed the advance salary facility so far and hence I hereby request to offer the $2000 this month before 30th September 2018 as per the company policy. I am capable of repaying my advance salary with $200 monthly installments so that it will be paid by 10 months. Kindly consider my request and process my advance salary as soon as possible.

Thank you for considering my emergency situation.

Signature of Employee
Printed Name of Employee
List of Enclosures

Note to visitors: The sample contents given above is only for writing a letter format. You may write a letter format like this one explaining your real situations. You are requested to make any changes as per your requirement. Thank you! All the best! Consider sharing this article of letter format on requesting advance salary, among your friends and relatives. Thank you once again!