Friday, April 6, 2018

Sample letter to bank for deleting the deceased account holder from joint account

One of my friend asked me how to delete / remove one name from joint account. He was having the joint account with 2 more persons for a business partnership. The joint account was operated for about 10 years. Suddenly, one of his account partner had fallen into ill which can't be cured after several treatments. His partner life was in dangerous conditions. So he wanted to remove that deceased account holder from his joint account with the permission from that ill person. He wanted to do it immediately before death of that deceased person. I have gone with him to ask the bank manager to explain it in detail. The bank manager asked my friend to submit a request letter with the thumb impression and signature of the deceased person. He wrote the letter accordingly and the needful was done for him after getting the letter. So if you are in similar situations of removing or deleting a person name from joint account, you may use the following letter format that my friend used. Here is the format. Read on!

Letter format to bank for deleting the deceased account holder from joint account

77, Alagesa Puram Main Road

The Bank Manager
State Bank of India

Subject: Application letter to delete a deceased person name from joint account.

Respected sir / madam,
I am holding a joint account with two other persons named S.Arumugam and A.Linga Pandi. The joint account number is ______________________ [Write the full account number here]. Now the 2 account holder S.Arumugam is in kidney failure and his life is doubtful. With his due permission, we, other persons in this joint account, want to remove his name from this account and we 2 will be the joint account holders after removing S.Arumugam. We kindly request you to delete his name from this joint account and do the needful as early as possible. Thanking you!

Yours truly,
[Signature and Thumb impression of the first person in joint account]
Name: M.Mahendran
[Signature and Thumb impression of the deceased person (second person) in joint account]
Name: S.Arumugam
[Signature and Thumb impression of the third / final person in joint account]
Name: A.Linga Pandi

1. Xerox copies of Aadhaar card of all there persons in joint account
2. The medical report and doctor statement about the deceased person
3. Statement from deceased person to remove his name

Date: 06th April 2018
Place: Madurai

Address of other two persons in this joint account:
Address of second person

Address of third person