Friday, September 7, 2018

Sample Rental Verification Letter Format

There are so many situations where rental verification letter is required. You may be in a position submit a rental verification letter as a proof of your residence. The situations differ person to person. If you are required to apply to a state or federal assistance program, then this letter format is a must. In banking sector too, you can show your proof of residence with the rental verification letter obtained from your landlord if you are living in a rental house. The person who lives in rental house is called Tenant and the house owner is called as Landlord. Sometimes, this document can be used for putting admissions in schools or colleges for your children. So it is one of the important document. Here is sample letter format for rental verification letter.

Sample format of Rental Verification Letter

07th September 2018

[Name of the landlord]
[Business name]
[Street address]
[State, Country, Zip Code]

To whom it may concern

Re: [Tenant names and address of Rental property]

This is a reference letter which confirms that John and his wife Juli with their children Michel and Rebacca have been tenants in the above property since 07th August 2015. The rental property is a 2-bedroom apartment.

Their monthly rental is $1200 and John is sincere to pay his rent on time, there is no issue about it. The behavior and characters are good and there is no complaints from neighbours, and the tenants John's family have kept the property and its surrounding area clean and tidy.

I can confirm that the tenants were respectful, friendly and helpful. They made no unreasonable demands or complaints during their tenancy so far. If tenants want to move out from this property, I will do it within 14 days of notice as we agreed in a bond and I will return the bond after that.

You are welcome to contact me on [phone number] and I will happily answer any other questions you may have.

Yours sincerely,
[signature of landlord]
[landlord's name}