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Sample letter to Principal for vacating hostel

Are you a hosteler in your college or school ? Want to vacate your room ? Then you need to get permission from higher authorities such as Principal, Director, or Correspondent of your college. Here we have given a sample letter to start writing the application letter.

Why submitting letter to vacate hostel ?

There are so many reasons why one should request to vacate hostel. Sometimes, students will be terminated for indiscipline and they are required to submit a letter to the Principal while leaving the college hostel. Or sometimes, students may not like the hostel life and they need to approach the college Principal with their parents or with the permission from their parents. Or sometimes, students may discontinue their course in the mid of the semester or mid of the academic year for which they need to inform their situations in a letter to the Principal or Chairman of the college. So submitting the request letter to vacate hostel becomes most important thing in students life. This will also help to prevent any future legal issues between students and colleges / schools where they are studying. Below is a sample format for the same.

Sample letter requesting Principal to get permission to vacate hostel in college

S.Banu Priya,
Roll No: 01046,
III Year EIE Department,
Jezlin Marina College of Engineering,
Karisalkulam, Kovilpatti,

The Principal,
Jezlin Marina College of Engineering,
Karisalkulam, Kovilpatti,

Respected sir,
Subject: Requesting to vacate hostel
I am Banu Priya studying III year EIE department. I have been admitted to the college hostel this year from 07th June 2017. Unfortunately, the food and other facilities are not upto my satisfaction so struggle a lot of health problem often. So I have decided to vacate my room and come as a day scholar from my relative house which is just 6 KM from out college. I am seeking your permission to vacate my stay with the knowledge my parents. Hence I request you to kindly approve my request as early as possible so that I can proceed other formalities to settle down the things. Thanking you!

Yours obediently,
S.Banu Priya.
Date: __________
Place: _________

[Put here the signature]
Signature of Parents
[Name of your parents]

Note: You should use your college address and your personnel address in the above letter format. Use the format wisely to write a meaningful letter requesting Principal for getting permission to vacate your hostel. If the reason is somewhat different than the above, then replace it with your own. Thanks for coming up for reading this article. If you find it useful, consider sharing this article with your friends using Facebook, twitter, Googleplus, etc.

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