Monday, August 28, 2017

Bank of India Debit cum ATM Card Application Format

Are you looking for the application format for new ATM card issue for Bank of India? Here is the sample application letter format for applying new ATM card in Bank of India. If you are applying first time for the ATM card against your account in BOI, you must use the following letter format in order to get it. For ATM card, different bank uses different format / method to apply for ATM card. Some banks may seek written letter to get new ATM card. Some bank may have application slip for ATM card where customers need to fill out the required details. The following sample format is for those customers who hold accounts in Bank of India only. For other banks, this format will not be applicable. If you have any doubt, contact the bank manager for more details. Here is the letter format for applying ATM card in BOI.

Click here to download Bank of India Debit cum ATM Card Application Format

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