Friday, July 7, 2017

Formal Complaint Letter Format To Municipal Commissioner About Stray Dogs

Are you suffered with stray dogs and monkeys? Thinking to write a compliant letter to the municipality? Here is a letter format available to help you write a good letter and submit to the Municipal Commissioner.

Why to complain about stray dogs and monkeys:

Many citizens face so many problems due to increase of stray dogs. Such dogs are in no control and make the people to face difficulty in day to day life. One of my friend got accident due to crossing a dog suddenly when he is on bike riding. He suffered with injuries, thanks God to save atleast his life. Dogs barking continuously disturb the sleep of the people during nights. So this should be controlled and the only way is to make a formal complaint letter to the Municipal corporation. They will take care of it by catching all such dogs and killing them

You Name
Your Address

The Municipal Commissioner
Municipal Corporation
City Name and State

Subject: To complain and bring attention towards the problem of stray dogs and monkeys on main road and in the society.
Respected Sir,
I and people in our area are facing huge problems the stray dogs and moneys roaming around the main road and our streets. The dogs are often attacking the people and there are increasingly more danger to the society. We need to walk away with some fear. Many accidents are happened due to this dogs and moneys at night times. There are some sleepless nights due to the barking of dogs during night. So it is time to control them and thus I make hereby my complaint about the stray dogs and monkeys. I expect a positive action from your end as soon as possible. Thanking you!

Yours faithfully,
Your Signature
[Your Name]


Note: Make appropriate changes in the above letter format wherever applicable.

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Hi sir hellow I am from Jr ntr nagar backside of vegetables market
We r suffering from street dogs , minimum 6,to 7,. Dogs are there in our fully we r facing many faces try to understand sir plz take action sir