Thursday, July 6, 2017

How to write a letter to close your bank account

There may be many reasons to close a bank account. Examples reasons are:
1. A student may want to close his / her bank account after completing his / her study in a school or college or university.
2. A person who has recently shifted to another employer so he may want to close his Salary account opened in a bank by his previous employer.
3. For a person who is no more, his nominee wanted to close the bank account.

So whatever may be, the concerned bank manager will ask you to submit an application letter to close your bank account. If you want a sample letter for the same, then the below letter will help writing a suitable letter for you. Here we have provided the sample letter for the close of bank account for a student.

Your Name
Your Address.

The Bank Manager,
The Name of the Bank,
Address of the Bank.

Respected sir,
Sub: Closing of my SB account reg..
I am an ex-student of the college ____________ [Name of the college here] and had opened an account with your bank when I started doing my course in this college. Now I have completed my course and presently working in a company ______________ [Write the Name of the company with location] . In this connection, my account will be no more active by me and thus I want to close it completely. Hence I request you to take my appeal to close my account with refunding what I have had in my account as balance.
Thanking you!

My account number: ________________
Name as on the bank record _____________

Yours truly,
Your signature,
Your name.

Enclosure: Bank passbook

Note: The above letter is written for the sample in connection with how to close a bank account in any bank. You are requested to make appropriate changes to draft your letter in a meaningful way according your situation and personnel details.