Friday, July 28, 2017

How to write a letter of complaint to the police inspector about theft

Are you thinking of filing a compliant against a theft? Looking for a model complaint letter to report a theft? Here is a sample letter format that can be written to submit to the Police Inspector of your area.

Letter Concept: Write a letter of complaint to the Police Inspector about a burglary (theft / robbery) in your house

Letter of complaint to the police inspector about theft

5, Jinnah Street,
Melapalayam - 627005.

The Inspector of Police,
Police Station,
Melapalayam - 627005.

Sub: Complaint of burglary (theft / robbery) - Request for investigation
I wish to file a complaint of burglary in my house. My family was out of station for 3 days (____________ Write dates here) . When we returned home this morning, we noticed a burglary. A thief has broken a window and entered the house. He has stolen the following things:
1. A TV set (Sony) No.82345
2. Four silver timbers (with initials VVR)
3. Six silk sarees (with initials HR)
4. Jewels (24 grams Chains)
5. A video camera (Brand National, with initials PR)

I request you, sir, to take necessary steps to find out the thief and recover the stolen things.

Yours faithfully,

Date: 21st July 2017
Place: Melapalayam.

Note: Please make necessary changes in the letter format when you are writing about your own complaint.