Saturday, July 15, 2017

How to write a letter for new ATM card

Getting new ATM card is so easy these day when you open an account with any bank. The ATM card will be offered along with your account number and passbook. There is no need to submit a separate application for getting new ATM card. However you are required to submit a request letter if you opened an account some few years bank and not got the ATM card at that time. So you have an account with any bank but not having the ATM card so far and want one now, then it is a must to write a request letter and submit it to the bank manager. Here we have given a sample on how to write a letter for getting your ATM card.

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Sample letter format to get new ATM card for your existing account

77, Ram Nagar,

The Bank Manager
State Bank of India (SBI)

Respected sir / madam,
Sub: Request letter to apply for new ATM card
I have opened an SB account in your concerned bank in 2008. I didn't apply for the ATM card at that time. I have used to withdraw money and other transaction through the bank only. I find it very difficult to withdraw money these days as I have limited time now. So hereafter, I want to use ATM card for debiting money from my account. Hence I want to apply for the new ATM card and kindly request you to issue me a new ATM card as soon as possible. I have furnished my account details below. Thanking you!

Account details:
Name (As per bank record): R.Murugeswari
Account Number (SB account): 123456789101112

Yours faithfully,

Date: 15th July 2017
Place: Tuticorin.

Note: You are request to make necessary modification in the above letter format to make your letter to match with your needs. If you feel what to write in case you have different situations, then leave us a comment below so that we help you write a meaningful letter for the same.


Is the use of "have+used to" correct?

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