Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Letter to Insurance Company for car theft claim

There are several reasons to write letter to insurance company. The reason may be to insure life or insure property or for claiming damages occurred by fire /  accident / natural causes. The letters written should be documented with facts and figures. If you are in a situation to claim theft car insurance, you can follow the following letter format.

Sample Letter or Model Letter to Insurance Company for car theft claim

54, Caldwell Colony
Tuticorin District

Date: 14th February 2018

General Insurance Co.
Tuticorin District
Tamil Nadu

I am writing this letter to inform you that my car TN 2804 (Hyundai Eon) was insured with your company on 26th March 2010 for a sum of Rs. 5,65,000 subject to depreciation annually. The said car was stolen on 07th October 2017 when I parked in a public park near the Velavan Super Market. The car was properly locked by a clutch lock system and the window panels are also secured. I have already taken the issue to handover to the police station by filing an FIR. It has been a month since the theft took place but the car has not been secured yet. So I kindly you to process and expedite prepayment of the insurance claim for the same. The necessary documents are being enclosed with this letter.  Thanking you!

Yours Truly,

Note: The above letter format is only for sample usage. You may need to give more details according to your situation.