Friday, February 16, 2018

Best Anchoring Text / Lines Format in Hindi

Anchoring is an art. You should have excellent skills over language and should have great voice. There are various situations where anchoring is done. In schools and colleges, there may be held several events like inauguration of particular event, welcome new comers, symposium, independence day celebration, Christmas eve, new year celebrations, annual day, sports day, college day, and so on. The anchoring is done based on the what is going to be done in particular event. So there will be appointed one or more persons to announce what is going to next and next. This is called anchoring. If you are searching for best and effective lines for anchoring in Hindi, this post will surely help you. Read on.

You should make your audience laugh so that they will easily connect with you for more attention. So tt’s always better to start anchoring with humor, because almost every DAMN anchor out there say the same thing "Deviyon aur sajjano" . Look at the image below and read the Hindi lines written in English. Hope you know reading English. You can make use of this anchoring format in Hindi as a sample / model for your particular event.

Important Tip: Chew Glycyrrhiza glabra or Glyceria Glabra (Athimathuram in Tamil) regularly 10 days prior to the date of your function  so that your voice will be crystal clear.

Also you can read a famous song with little pause so that you can attract the audience. Below is a sample. Just say it with pauses and baritone voice.

Lines are "Sitaro ki mehfil mein gunjega ka tarana, ke hoto per aaya hai dil Ka fasana"

Hope you have understand what you can do if you appointed as Anchoring person for an event. Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.