Monday, October 4, 2021

Sample Invitation Letter Format to a book fair

Are you searching for how to write invitation letter to your friend inviting him / her for a book fair visit? Here is a sample letter of invitation to a book fair being held for 10 days. You can use this letter format as a sample and write your own beautiful letter of invitation to your friend about the book fair visit.

Sample Invitation to a book fair

Dear Jezlin Marina,

You would be pleased to know that a 10-days Book Fair is being held at Duraiprinc Maidan in Kovilpatti. Book Publishers from India and abroad would be taking part in this event. I have decided to go to Kovilpatti to visit this book fair. For quite some time, we have not met. I look forward to meeting you during this trip to Kovilpatti. I am reachable at 7010379240 for further discussion and plan our trip.

Yours truly.

Tasia Marilyn

71, Indira Nagar,

Chennai- 600048.

Date: 04h October 2021