Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Letter from a brother to his newly married sister

If you are asked to write a letter your own sister after getting married, then how you do it? What should be written and how to start writing your letter? Here is a sample letter format of a brother writing to his newly married sister about what is going on and how well life there. Read the sample letter of a brother to his newly married sister and write your own letter based on your situation and need.

Sample letter from a brother to his newly married sister


88, Raja Maha Nagar

Kovilpatti- 628501

October 25, 2021

Dear Beliccka,

This is your brother. I Hope this letter finds you and Jijaji in the best of health. Ever since you left for Coimbatore along with Jijajee, no news came from your  side. I hope you are fine and have adjusted to the new surroundings and new responsibilities. How things are going on there. Please do inform us about your new place and do write to us regularly as all of us miss you so much. Also I would like to know what has kept you so busy that you did not get time to write to us for such a long time. We all miss you a lot. I hope you have adjusted well in your new life. Do write without any further delay. Blessings from mummy and papa. 

Your loving brother,