Friday, January 19, 2018

Sample Republic Day 2018 Speech in English

Would like to refer sample republic day speech for upcoming republic day on 26th January 2018? Here is a sample speech drafted for you. You may use this speech in your school or college or university or office or public meeting where the celebration of republic day is to be held. First of all, You should know clearly what is republic day and what is independence day.
Independence Day- The day (15th August 1947) India got freedom from the British ruling
Republic Day- The day (26th January 1950) India has set up its own Government to rule.
So it took approximately 3 years to frame the rules and regulations. Now we will the sample speech as described below.

Sample / Model / Example Republic Day 2018 Speech in English for Schools / Colleges / Universities / Offices

Respected Principal / Headmasters, Teachers and my dear friends,
A very good morning to one and all. We have gathered here today (26th January 2018) on the occasion of India's 69th Republic Day since 1950. First of all, I would like to thank our college / school management for offering me an opportunity to deliver a speech about our great and beloved country.

India has got Independence from the British ruling on 15th August 1947. Then it took three years to make our own Constitution. India's Constitution is the world's largest written one. Dr.B.R.Ambedkar made a great contribution to frame our constitution. On 26th January 1950, our constitution came into force. So officially, this the first day for India to be under own ruling and no British ruling. This is called our Republic Day. This day the constitution of India gave the supreme power to the people of India. So the dream of ruling themselves came true on this day. 

According to our constitution, any person can become leader in India. This should be done through voting system. For that, the election commission was set up on this day itself. The process of electing representatives every five years to the Lok Sabha and State Vidhan Sabhas started. The political party who win the majority of seats in Lok Sabha election will form the Government at the centre and the members of the such party (MP) will then select their leader as Prime Minister. Similarly, the majority party in Vidhan Sabhas will rule the state and the members (MLA) will select the Chief Minister. Both MP and MLA will select the President who is the constitutional  head of India.

Any person who have reached 18 years of age can be allowed to vote in elections. As we are under 18 (school students), we can't vote until we finish up the schooling. However, we may get the chance to vote during our college life, if election comes during those days. So we must know how the administration of our local bodies, states and the country is on the run. We can refer so many books in our library to know all thinks about our India. We can also get opt guidance from our beloved teachers. So we should proud of this day 26th January 2018, a very happy republic day. Thank you all!   

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