Friday, January 19, 2018

Sample letter to book publisher to send catelogue / order books

Are you looking for how you can write a formal letter to any book publisher? Whether it is ordering a particular book or requesting a catelogue containing complete list of books with prices, you may use the following sample letter format. The letter is written for issuing a catelogue from book publisher. Please follow the format and write a meaningful letter.

Sample letter / Model Letter / Format of Letter to book publisher to send catelogue / order books

345, 7th Cross Street,
Madurai-2, TN, India

The Manager
Kanna Publisher
Chennai-3, TN, India

Date: 19th January 2018

Sub: Requesting to send a catelogue for ordering some books from your publications.

Dear sir,
I am Yaswanth, one of the keen reader of books from your publishers. I will always give preference to order in your publications and then go for other publishers if the particular book I am searching for, is not available with your store. I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering, II year, 4th Semester under Anna University. I request you to send the catelogue for all available books with price for Semester 4 and upcoming years also. I am particularly looking for a book Dynamics of Machinery which is not well presented in other publications in my point of view. Please send the catelogue to my address mentioned above and then I will take action on purchasing. Thanking you!

Yours truly,