Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sample letter to bank for change of signature

Have you changed your signature recently? Want to update your signature in bank account that you have? You must then approach your bank manager and submit a request letter to update your signature in the bank account record. You can use the following letter format to draft a beautiful request letter. 

Jezlin Marina D
105/4 East Street
TN, India.

The Bank Manager
SBI Bank
TN, India.

Respected sir,
Sub: Request letter to update my signature in my SB account.
I am one of the customer in your bank since last 7 years. I have recently changed my signature due to my personnel reason. I am here inform you that my old signature is no longer valid and I would like to update my new signature for upcoming transactions. Hence I kindly request you to immediately update my signature in the KYC record.
My old signature: __________ (Put your old signature as in the record)
My new signature: _________ (Put your new signature)

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
[Your new Signature here]
Jezlin Marina D

Date: 01-12-2016
Place: Kovilpatti

Note to visitors: The address and other personnel details given above are used for the sake of writing this sample letter to help you. You should replace all those details with yours.