Thursday, December 8, 2016

Sample letter to bank for new ATM PIN

Have you forgotten your ATM PIN? Would like to get new ATM PIN from your bank. Your bank manager may then probably ask you to write a request letter for getting new PIN. In case, you don't know how to start writing a letter, then the sample format of letter given below will be of more useful to you. Take a reference of this letter and submit a request letter written beautifully to the bank manager in order to receive new ATM PIN.

ATM PIN is one of the code that you should always remember for financial transaction especially through ATM machine. ATM stands for Automatic Teller Machine. It is always better to use unforgettable PIN number at your convenient. Suppose if you happen to forget it, then the only solution is to approach your bank and asking for a new PIN. New PIN will not be given unless you submit a request letter. Following is the request letter format which can be used for writing a letter to your bank.

How to write a letter to bank for new ATM PIN- Sample Format:

M. Nandhini,
1/4, Ameer Street,
Karur, TN, India.

The Bank Manager,
Axis Bank,
Karur, TN, India.

Respected Sir / Madam,
Sub: Requesting to get new ATM PIN.
I am your customer with SB account number _________________ (Write your full digit account number). Few days back, it went not accessible as I have forgotten my ATM PIN. I am facing difficulty in getting cash from ATM through my debit card. I don't know how I forget. Through this letter, I kindly request you to mail me new ATM PIN to the address provided above or give me it in my hand now if possible. Thanking you!

Yours faithfully,
M. Nandhini.

Date: 08th December 2016
Place: Karur.

Note: The personnel details provided above are not belonging to anybody. Readers are advised to use their personnel details while writing a letter like this.