Thursday, November 5, 2020

Sample letter format of writing complaint to health inspector regarding road manhole

Suppose, you would like to make a writing complaint to health inspector regarding unnoticed man hole on the way of going to your school. If you are the responsible person in your school class, then you can bring this issue to the authority of heath department in your locality. Here is a sample letter format for writing such complaint letter to health inspector.

Format of letter of writing complaint to health inspector regarding road manhole

Jezlin Marina, Vice President

Student Council, Tasia High School


Kovilpatti- 628501

November 8, 2020


The Commissioner

Kovilpatti Corporation

Kovilpatti- 628501


Please treat this letter on a par with an SoS call. There is a manhole on the road en route to our school. During last one week, the drain water has been overflowing from the manhole, causing nuisance and stench, besides posing health hazards. I request you to intervene before anything worse could happen.

Thanking you!


Jezlin Marina & Friends

Note to visitors: The above info is given for the sake of writing this letter format only. You must change some details according to your own situations. The above letter format is for only reference for writing such sample complaint to health inspector.