Saturday, April 7, 2018

Letter to Bank Manager Requesting to Reactivate Dormant Account

Would like to get your dormant / inactive account activated? Is your bank manager asking you to write a request letter to activate your account ? Then here is the perfect guide by which you can write your own letter to submit it to the bank manager. Here is a story of a person whose account went to dormant status because of non-operative.

What is dormant account

Mr.Arlon had an SB account in Vijaya Bank located in Avadi, Chennai. He was working as Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering in an Engineering nearby Avadi. He worked for one year there. His salary was deposited into that account by his college management. In fact, it is a salary account created through that engineering college. He has ATM cum Debit card and Internet banking too. After one year, he had to resign his Assistant Professor job there and he found another job and settled there. As he had the internet banking, he wanted to use that account after 2 years. He had some money in that account as a minimum balance. He wanted to test it whether it is working condition or not. He used the internet banking to do a small transaction.

He utterly got shocked that his transaction has been declined saying that the account is not active and it is dormant account. Then he contacted the bank through phone and asked why my account went to dormant. The bank manager explained that the account which is not active for longer period will go as dormant account and therefore the manger asked him to submit a request letter to activate the same. He wrote the letter which is given below.

Letter Format used by Mr.Arlon to Bank Manager Requesting to Reactivate Account

107/25, Adyar

The Bank Manager
Vijaya Bank
Jezlin College of Engineering
Avadi, Chennai-45.

Subject: Request letter to activate my SB account which went to dormant status

Dear sir,
I, J.Arlon, have opened an SB account __________________ [Write the account number here] with your concerned bank here. The account was opened in the year 2013. For about 1 year, my salary was credited to this account when I was working in Jezlin College of Engineering. Now I am not working in that college and I noticed recently that my account went to dormant status. I want to use this account for doing some transaction online with the help of my internet banking activated here. So I kindly request you to keep my account active and I will do regular transactions to the account. I assure that I will not let this account inoperative for longer period hereafter. Thanking you!

Yours Truly,

Date: 07th April 2018
Place: Avadi, Chennai.

1. Self Attested Copy of Aadhaar card
2. Self Attested Copy of Bank PassBook
3. Any other document as asked by the bank.

Note: The college or the person address used here is not original. It is used for just writing the letter format. Readers are advised to use their particulars in appropriate places. Thank you!

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