Friday, April 6, 2018

How to write application letter to apply for new cheque book in Indian Bank

Are you looking for a sample letter format to issue new cheque book from your bank Indian Bank? Then your bank manager will ask you to submit a written request letter from you. One of my friend named, Justin was in the similar situation as his cheque leaf is completed used and no more cheque leaf left in his hand. He was doing water business and he always used cheque leaf for payment in bulk. If you are looking for writing a letter by referring some model letter, then here is available the sample format he used when he was in need of new / fresh cheque leaf. He drafted the letter addressing the Indian bank manager. See how it looks and you may use it for your purpose.

Application letter to apply for new cheque book in Indian Bank

2/32, Bharathiyar Street,
Tirunelveli District.

The Bank Manager,
Indian Bank,
Tirunelveli District.

Sub: Requesting to issue new cheque book

Respected sir /  madam,
I am one of your customer since 7 years. I have opened an SB account in 2011. My account number is ___________________ [Write your full account number here] . I have regularly used cheque leaf for payment that I needed to give for my clients. Now all my cheque leaf are used by me and I am in urgent need of fresh cheque leaf. So I am drafting this letter to inform you and please give me new cheque book as soon as possible.
Thanking you!

Yours faithfully,

Date: 06th April 2018
Place: Tirunelveli

Note: The address used above is for only demo purpose for writing this letter format. There is no actual address as mentioned above. And also readers are requested to use their best judgement and replace the particulars with their own details.