Friday, April 21, 2017

Application for Change in Mobile Number for HDFC Bank

There are so many reasons requiring for change of mobile number. If you have added one mobile number while opening an account in Bank, you need to keep that number alive all time. Otherwise, you will be missed of important updates related to your banking transactions. In case, if your mobile number is not active, it is better to inform your bank and update it with new active number. For this purpose, the bank will require a written request from you. The letter format may be different from bank to bank. Here is a simple letter format followed by HDFC bank. Just take a piece of paper and provided the following details and submit it to the your bank authorities. Here goes the letter format.
Application for Change in Mobile Number

Customer Name :____________________________________________________________ Customer ID : ________________________________
Old Mobile No : ____________________________________
New Mobile No: ____________________________________

The above details would get updated only in all Accounts / Fixed deposits held with the Bank. The details for credit Card / Loans will not get updated.

Customer Signature: _______________________

Date of Signing: _________________

Click here for downloading PDF file of Application for Change in Mobile Number for HDFC Bank