Friday, April 21, 2017

Sample Application for SMS Banking in Andhra Bank

Wondering how you can get SMS banking facility in Andhra Bank ? You will get here a sample application format. Use it for your bank where you maintain your account. This format may be different for other banks. So those looking for other bank application for SMS banking are requested to search and find their related format. Read on!
The Branch Manager
I/We wish to avail Andhra Bank mobile banking services (Both Pull and alerts facility) extended by the bank pertaining to my Account.
1. Name of the customer:
2. Address (if differs from what informed to bank):
3. Mobile Number:
4. Customer ID:

1. Credits above Rs 10000/- In Primary account linked to the Customer ID.
2. Debits above Rs 10000/- in Primary accounts.
3. Deposit Maturity alert before 3 days
4. Cheque Book Issue intimation
5. Cheque bounce/return information
6. End of day Balance for the account where debit/credit transaction happened
7. Promotional Alerts
8. Greetings

I/We confirm that the information furnished in this form is true and correct. I/we have read and understood the terms and conditions in respect of Andhra Bank Mobile Banking available on Bank’s website. I/We acknowledge that the bank may from time to time send me additional free alerts/messages/information, over and above mentioned alerts, over the mobile phone. I/we accept and agree to be bound by the said terms and conditions and to any changes made therein from time to time in future.
I confirm that I am the sole account holder / I have mandate from the joint account holder(s) of the linked facility under Andhra bank mobile Banking services.

Click here to download complete letter format for Sample Application for SMS Banking in Andhra Bank