Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Sample letter format of a polite NO to the invitation

Suppose of you are invited by your friend or any other person whom you know. Sometimes, you may not want to attend the function for which you are invited. You can simply say a polite NO to let that person know what is your status on this invitation. Here is how:

Format of letter of a polite NO to the invitation:

#13, V Main Road
Bajaji Nagar
Bangalore- 560010

01st September 2021

Dear cousin, Shyama,
Thanks for the invitation! It is so nice of you having remember me and my family on this very auspicious dat. But I am sorry to state that my uncle is not well and has been admitted in the hospital at Chikaballapur. I and my family need to visit him and wish him a speedy recovery. Our visit there will give a sort of comport and solace. Since we have already communicated to him about our visit, we are unable to accept your invitation. Excuse us for our inability.

Your affectionate cousin,

Note to the visitors of this site: That is all the letter. If your situation is different then modify the above letter according to your situation. The given letter format is only for model and sample for writing a letter informing a polite NO to the invitation.