Monday, October 3, 2016

Leave Letter format for College and School Students

Many students still struggles to write leave letter in English. So we have come up here with a sample leave application format. It will be useful for both college and school students. It is always better to submit leave application well in advance except some unavoidable situations like illness / certain unexpected incidents. Check out the leave format provided below.

Your Name,
Your Class,
Your Department,
College / School Name,
City of the School.

The Principal / Headmaster
College / School Name,
City of the School.
Respected Sir / Madam,
As I need to attend my own elder brother marriage, I am unable to attend the regular classes on 04th October 2016. And hence I kindly request you to grant me leave on that day. Thanking you!

Yours obediently,
(Your Name)


P.S: Please make appropriate changes in appropriate place in the leave letter format above.